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Mar 5, 2007 09:51 AM

Una Pizza Napoletana re- re- revisited

My 8 year old daughter went with me having now developed a liking for the buffalo mozzarella that she used to dismiss as "yuchy" and "different" when she was younger. While she also liked Luzza's around the corner, she devoured almost a whole pie at UPN. And I have to admit, the creaminess of the cheese was great. and they finally got the message and now serve tap water in old wine bottles which my daughter thought was "fancy" although $6 for a Moretti beer and $42 for two margherita pizzas (which are really for one person each) makes for a bit of sticker shock. Now if I can only get my daughter (and Mrs. GG) back to diFara's ("too dirty").

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  1. i will never go back

    1. My friends loved it, although we all choked at when the bill came. Frankly, all I could think was that the emperor has no clothes.

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      1. re: buyrgah

        Didn't you see the prices on the menu? Why were you surprised?

      2. I LOVE pizza and I live near by, but I'll never go back to a place that refuses to serve their customers tap water.
        This happened to me their quite a while ago, so maybe they've changed their ways anyone know?

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          once it happened, i said i will NEVER return

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            "and they finally got the message and now serve tap water in old wine bottles"

          2. Pizza is so not worth the price and after going once will never be back.