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Top 3 steakhouses in Manhattan

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I will be in town for 3 nights and I love my steaks. Please provide a list (in order of preference) of your favorite steakhouses. Thanks!

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  1. 1) LUGERS
    2) BLT Prime
    3) Sparks

    1. 1lugers
      3 wolfgangs/strip house
      (i cheated with 4)

      1. 1. lugers
        2. keens
        3. strip house or quality meats

        1. I will admit that my preference for the lowly hamburger and thus, my knowledge, are far greater than for steak, but here goes: Luger's, the original Palm or the original Palm Too and the original Smith & Wollensky. By the way, I am prejudiced by the quality of a restaurant's hash browns and creamed spinach.

          1. he did say Manhattan. Peter Lugers is by far the best but it is in brooklyn,although very close.

            1. Do any of you have opinions on Rosie O'Grady's?

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                In all the years I've been participating on this board, I have never heard anyone ever recommend Rosie O'Grady's. For anything. Period.

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                  Having worked around the block, I will admit to having eaten there for a going away party for a colleague. I wouldn't recommend it.

              2. 1) Old Homestead
                2) BLT Steak
                3) Robert's

                1. Thanks for the responses. It looks like Luger and BLT are among the favs. Uncle Jack's anyone?

                  1. 1. BLT Prime
                    2. Sparks
                    3. Luger's
                    4. Striphouse (if you want to disqualify Luger for being in BK)

                    Skip Uncle Jacks...nothing special and the location is not the best

                    1. Is BLT Prime and BLT steak 2 different places?

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                        Yes. BLT steak was the first to open and is, essentially, the flagship of the BLT empire. It's in midtown, on 57th St.


                        BLT Prime is on 22nd St., in Gramercy Park. The space was previously occupied by the Rocco DiSpirito restaurant, Union Pacific.


                      2. But what about the review of Penthouse Executive Club for steaks in the NYTimes last week? I suppose if you want good steak and a "view" it can't be beat. But seriously, how are the steaks there?

                        Also, my office is on 50th/6th ("steakhouse village") but which are the best around that area?

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                          It's called Roberts. You don't mean to say that at Roberts "nobody beats their meat" because we all know that's not true. :) Hey-if Bruni can make innuendo then so can I.

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                            I've had two superb meals at Robert's. It's not cheap by any means, but if you're into the scenery and occasional celeb watching, there's is nothing more "guy's night" than this. My girlfriend loved her steak so much, she bought me a lapdance afterwards.

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                              Benson's is on 52nd/6th and it's good. Saw Quentin Tarantino there once.

                            2. I like Mark Joseph on Water Street and that's such a great part of town, lots of bars to start or end your meal with

                              1. 1) Luger's - porterhouse
                                2) Wolfgang's - porterhouse
                                3) Landmark or Balthazar - hanger steak
                                4) Azul Bistro - argentinian churrasco steak

                                1. Two forgotten ones, both on the cheaper side.

                                  Fairway has a really great steak. Its huge and aged downstairs.

                                  The Knickerbocker also had a great steak, cheap wine list, and jazz many nights!

                                  1. I'd go with The Knickerbocker as the steak is great, atmosphere is clubby and friendlier than other steak places, it's reasonable (the steak is huge) and the other items are more diverse and really good.

                                    1. i like keens. they select their own beef and dry age it in-house. when you factor in history, the private rooms, the dining room, the pub room, the bar, the single-malts and so on it's a pretty impressive place that many of us take for granted. the steaks (porterhouse) are the best in manhattan. works for me.

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                                        I certainly don't take Keens for granted. It's my favorite steakhouse. Actually, I'm more of a lamb chop fanatic, and theirs are some of the best anywhere. And, of course, the old NY ambiance is unmatchable. Love it when you and I agree, steve h. :-)

                                      2. Without a doubt, BLT Prime. The blue cheese tater-tots are a must have!

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                                          blue cheese anything has to be good. how's the porterhouse there?

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                                            the "BLT cut" double sirloin for two is really good.

                                        2. 1- lugers
                                          2- Strip house
                                          3- Knickerbockers

                                          1. 1-Porter House
                                            2-Frankie & Johnnies
                                            3-Strip House

                                            1. 1 - S&W Grill
                                              2 - Wolfgangs
                                              3 - Luger

                                              1. Anyone would include Buenos Aires?

                                                1. Sparks
                                                  Del Frisco's
                                                  Azul Bistro

                                                  1. Sparks, Ben and Jacks, and Capital grille

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                                                    1. Luger's has great ratings, but they are SO SHADY when it comes to reservations...somehow they always conveniently seem to lose the reservation you made 2 months in advance upon arrival. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth...

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                                                        ... and I thought it was just me.

                                                      2. Landmarc is very good and a great wine list.