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Mar 5, 2007 09:44 AM

Another "is this still good" question: juice

I'm almost too embarrased to ask this. Almost.

So, I'm cleaning out the fridge and I find about a quart of my hand squeezed muscadine juice from grapes I picked off my vines in October. DOH! Now I remember, I made preserves out of half the juice, but was just planning to drink this stuff. What an idiot. It takes SO many grapes to make that little bit of juice.

Anyhow, it was boiled originally and has now been in the fridge (tupperware) for 4 months or so. The obvious answer seems to be toss it, but being emboldened by my Peter Pan peanut butter survival, I'm tempted to boil it again and throw caution to the winds. Is it wine yet ? ;-)

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  1. If it smells OK, it probably is OK. On the other hand, you could reduce it for a great sauce with nothing really lost.

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    1. re: Sam Fujisaka

      Yes, it makes great sauce, and great salad dressing, but what I'm really tempted to do is reduce it down w/ some sugar and make the worlds best and most beautifully colored pancake syrup.

    2. I'd take a good strong whiff of it, and see if it smells off or the scent makes my stomach queasy. If it did neither, I'd try a taste, and if it didn't taste off, then I'd call it fine and use it promptly.

      The "queasy stomach" thing is one of those subliminal instinct things I've learned to trust the hard way over the years -- even if something looks and smells okay, if a deep breath of it makes my stomach turn, it's going to make me (and on one, and only one memorable occasion, others) sick if I eat it.

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      1. re: AnnaEA

        That's my approach too, and I have a pretty good sense of smell. But I've been meaning to ask what food doesn't that work for?