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Meatball Parm Nirvana

Frankie's 17 Clinton Street- Sunday brunch-glass of Valpolicella with a meatball parmigiana sandwich on Sullivan street bakery pecorino bread with sicilian red sauce (peppers, pine nuts and raisons). Any other contenders? Murrays Cheese also makes a nice one with Ottomanelli meatballs.

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  1. I really like the meatball parm at Lazarra's on 38th btw 7th and 8th.

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      Seconded. Other subs there are terrific too (chix parm, sausage and peppers). The pizza is unique and good. The place is not much to look at. It's a second floor restaurant in a creepy building where you can (with some difficulty) order take-out.

    2. I recently tried the square/grandma/sicilian and it was great. Which hero/sub/grinder/torpedo/po boy/hoagie do you recommend: veal, chicken, sausage or meatball? Also, I just remembered that the heros at Little Charlie's Clam were great. Anybody been lately? They're closed sundays.

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        At Lazarra's? I second NNYer's suggestion of the chicken, which is especially meaty and juicy.

        1. I worked near Manganaro's Heroboy and especially liked the half chix-parm, half eggplant-parm hero's. But it may have been the proximity rather than taste that I loved the best. Thoughts?

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            Heroboy is just OK, imo, though I liked their eggplant too. If you're still in the area, definitely give Lazarra's chicken parm a try. Unfortunately, can't vouch for the eggplant, if it's even on the menu.

          2. parisi bakery on mott street between spring and kenmare in nolita. one of the better places in manhattan for hot italian american heroes like chicken parm, eggplant parm, etc.

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              Just had the plain meatball hero at Parisi. Hefty but the meatballs didn't really stand up toFrankie's Spuntino.

            2. Not a bad meatball panini at Buon Italia

              1. I hear Di Fara's meatball/chicken parm is fantastic, just haven't tasted it for myself.

                1. damn, that sounds good. thanks for sharing.

                  1. Just went back for the same (substituted barolo for the valpolicella). Still my favorite meatball parm sandwich and thanks to the bread, room for a slice down the block at the new San Marzano pizza joint for dessert.

                    1. The new Meatball Shop on Stanton has stolen the title. Beef meatballs (I need to try the spicy pork variety) on a hero (choice of white or whole wheat) with fresh mozzarella (or provolone) and spicy tomato sauce. Best in the city!

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                        Thank you for the feedback on The Meatball Shop. I've been dying to get over there, and now it sounds like I know exactly what I'm going to order!


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                          Tried to go to Meatball Shop last week, but it was too crowded. Ended up at Frankies 17 instead, and am resurrecting this old thread to make sure people know that they still are producing a mighty fine meatball parm sandwich. Pending my making it back to Meatball Shop, I'm declaring Frankies' as the best meatball sandwich I've had!

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                            I thought Meatball Shop was horrible. Not enough sauce, inferior bread, really subpar meatballs. Deeply disappointed. I hate these meatballs that are really smooth and dense and processed on the inside, like meat concrete. I prefer them to have some roughness. I'll give Frankie's a shot.

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                              I have now been to both Frankies and Meatball Shop several times, and much, much prefer the meatball sandwich at Frankies.

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                                The guys from Meatball Shop used to work at Frankie's, I rate them both the same.
                                Terroir has a good meatball sandwich. The meat balls at Tres Sorelles was good.
                                If I remember correctly Inoteca on Ludlow had good meatballs, i know for sure they had good rice balls.

                                1. re: foodwhisperer

                                  Anyone have an opinion on the best meatball hero in Midtown? $8 price cap

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                                    Eddie's Pizza truck has great meatball sandwiches for about 8-9 bucks. But you have to ask for extra sauce and no cheese, as they're kind of dry otherwise. But the meatballs are great. It parks in front of the Starrett Lehigh building at 601 West 26th, from 11-3 on Mondays. I don't know their other regular stations, but they're probably more midtown on other days.

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                                While not horrible, I mostly agree that the hero is not that special at The Meatball Shop. It's decent enough, the price is okay, and it's fun to be in there though. I'm not mad at them, but I probably won't be back.

                        2. Glad to see this post revived. All previous meatball parm sandwiches are mere shadows when compared to the Platonic ideal meatball parm sandwich served at Parm.