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Mar 5, 2007 09:38 AM

Meatball Parm Nirvana

Frankie's 17 Clinton Street- Sunday brunch-glass of Valpolicella with a meatball parmigiana sandwich on Sullivan street bakery pecorino bread with sicilian red sauce (peppers, pine nuts and raisons). Any other contenders? Murrays Cheese also makes a nice one with Ottomanelli meatballs.

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  1. I really like the meatball parm at Lazarra's on 38th btw 7th and 8th.

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    1. re: a_and_w

      Seconded. Other subs there are terrific too (chix parm, sausage and peppers). The pizza is unique and good. The place is not much to look at. It's a second floor restaurant in a creepy building where you can (with some difficulty) order take-out.

    2. I recently tried the square/grandma/sicilian and it was great. Which hero/sub/grinder/torpedo/po boy/hoagie do you recommend: veal, chicken, sausage or meatball? Also, I just remembered that the heros at Little Charlie's Clam were great. Anybody been lately? They're closed sundays.

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      1. re: guttergourmet

        At Lazarra's? I second NNYer's suggestion of the chicken, which is especially meaty and juicy.

        1. I worked near Manganaro's Heroboy and especially liked the half chix-parm, half eggplant-parm hero's. But it may have been the proximity rather than taste that I loved the best. Thoughts?

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          1. re: Scooby

            Heroboy is just OK, imo, though I liked their eggplant too. If you're still in the area, definitely give Lazarra's chicken parm a try. Unfortunately, can't vouch for the eggplant, if it's even on the menu.

          2. parisi bakery on mott street between spring and kenmare in nolita. one of the better places in manhattan for hot italian american heroes like chicken parm, eggplant parm, etc.

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            1. re: surly

              Just had the plain meatball hero at Parisi. Hefty but the meatballs didn't really stand up toFrankie's Spuntino.

            2. Not a bad meatball panini at Buon Italia