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Mar 5, 2007 09:34 AM

Fine Brunch for Easter Sunday in Jacksonville/St. Augustine

We're heading up to visit a friend next month who lives on the southern side of the greater Jacksonville area. We'd like to take him to a top-notch, no-holds-barred brunch anywhere from Jacksonville down to St. Augustine. Any suggestions?

Ice sculptures and cheesy (pardon the pun) omelette stations not required -- great, high(er)-end food is. Price is not an issue, and as the weather should still be really nice, neither will driving long distances.

I have done the requisite homework, and see that BB's, Bistro Aix, and La Parisienne have all been mentioned in other threads. Are these as good as it gets? If so, where would you go? Accept my warmest appreciation in advance for any advice; unfortunately, my gastronomic knowledge of that area goes no further than the American Cafe at the Landing during the drunkfest otherwise known as the Florida-Georgia game.

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  1. 95 Cordova in the Santa Monica Hotel in St. Augustine is open for brunch. It is a wonderful restaurant. Although I have never personally been here for their Sunday brunch, I assume it would be excellent.

    The Sawgrass Marriott in Ponte Vedra Beach has a nice Sunday brunch buffet complete with the ice sculptures and omelet station along with prime rib, seafood etc.

    1. Whenever we want to go to a nice brunch we head for the Sawgrass Marriott. The views are wonderful and the food is top notch. You may also want to check to see if the River City Brewing Company is offering a bruch on Easter. They often do have a brunch on special holidays; last year my kids took me there for Father's Day and it was great!


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        River City Brewing has brunch every Sunday. A lot of things aren't fantastic - but the homemade cold smoked salmon is worth the price of admission. I would expect it to be very crowded after church gets out - so I'd plan to get there early. Robyn

      2. I will second the Casa Monica Hotel in St Augustine - Go hungry and expect some wonderful options. they serve all the typical breakfast items as well as carved roast of beef, excellent seafood selection and a desert table to die for. We haven't been in about a year but expect about $30.00 per person.

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          Easter Brunch at the Casa Monica is $59.95 plus 18% plus tax.
          See you at the Golden Corral

        2. You may want to make reservations - I didnt notice your time frame. They have been packed each time we went and it wasnt a holiday weekend!

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            Thank you very much to all for the suggestions. We were more inclined to head to St. Augustine, so it looks like I'll be calling the Casa Monica Hotel today.

            I'm confused, though: is the Casa Monica the same Santa Monica metioned by Windsor? If so, are you both referring to 95 Cordova? Thanks again.


          2. Noice - the name of the hotel is Casa Monica - all others parts of Windsor's post are completely accurate, though. That's the place you'll want to contact.

            It's been years since we've been, but it's nice to hear that the Sawgrass Marriott still does a wonderful job with the buffet on Sunday mornings. The view of the course out the back window is pretty spectacular, too. We'll have to try that again sometime soon, Marc.

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