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Mar 5, 2007 09:26 AM

Cocoa nibs

I recently ordered a couple of pounds of cocoa nibs online that I plan on making a cocoa Imperial Stout with. Anyone have any recipes or ideas about what I can use them for besides this brew? TIA.

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  1. good luck with the brew! and please be sure to post in the BEER section and let us all know how it ends up. i want a taste.
    are the nibs toasted? if not, for flavor reasons you may want to try toasting some of them to bring out the natural oils and really increase the flavor. think of it like any other nut. i like them in their raw state (which are hard to come by in the first place thus i think that you probably have roasted/toasted ones anyway but...) as a topping for morning yogurt or even on ice cream for a nice textural thing. very cool crunch. keep in mind they are very bitter. very very bitter. again, i like them but...i know many people think they are nothing short of horrible in their bitterness. so, toppings is really what i am saying isnt it? yogurt, ice cream...then again, i have added them to brownie recipes, too. that, again was for the textural thing. think your normal, traditional brownie with these little crunchies throughout. very nice. also, in the brownie application you have so much sweetness involved in the base recipe that the somewhat overwhelming bitterness of the nibs will not be a problem.