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Mar 5, 2007 09:26 AM

Freshest corn tortillas in KC?

I'm looking for a place to get a heaping stack of fresh, home-style corn tortillas in Kansas City. A good tortilleria would be ideal. Anybody got a place they like?

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  1. I usually buy mine at the Price Chopper in Roeland Park (47th and Roe in JoCo). They are making them fresh all day -- corn and flour.

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    1. re: heatherkay

      I bought a package today and they were PERFECT - exactly what I was looking for. They were still warm when I got them, and I ate a truly obscene amount straight out of the package on the way home. Thanks!

      1. re: heatherkay

        You know, I was going to recommend those, as that's the best option I've found, but still overall disappointing to me. A little stiff and not corn-y enough. Fresh, though. I'd be very happy if other recs came to light.

        1. re: Aaron Deacon

          Wow - Price Chopper, who would have thought. I wonder if they have them fresh at the PC's up in the Northland.

          1. re: ulterior epicure

            Doubt it -- it's not really your standard PC

        2. re: heatherkay

          Agreed! The PC on Roe has great fresh tortillas and lots of other great mexican food finds. Love it!

        3. I bought some from Laura's bakery. Right off of their press. Too hot to hold. Can't get any fresher anywhere. Very good tasting too.

          Central Ave, KCK

          1. Since this is a search that is neverending for me...I thought I'd report on my new favorite spot for tortillas. This weekend I got a lovely hot stack of tortillas at Tortilleria San Antonio in KCK. They had a very strong toasted-corn smell. It looks like they have tortillas going all day - when I was there, they were pretty much selling them as fast as they could make them. My bag was so hot it steamed.

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            1. re: lora

              location? and what time/day were you there?

              1. re: heatherkay

                Reyna's on Kansas Ave, west of Seventh Street Trafficway is good. I have to second Laura's. Very good!
                I,too, would love to know where Tortilleria San Antonio is.

              2. re: lora

                I was there on Friday afternoon. I had already checked Laura's because of chileheadmike's recommendation, but they were out of corn tortillas. I was leaving Reyna's empty handed (tortillas available but not fresh), and a helpful gentleman pointed me to Tortilleria San Antonio. It's on Kansas Ave at Mill St.