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Mar 5, 2007 09:24 AM

BBQ near Point Arena? (mendocino)

So we're taking a day trip up the coast to see a show at the Arena Theatre in Point Arena, and frankly, BBQ makes any sunday afternoon better. Does anyone know of any good BBQ in or around this area?

if not, anyone know of any funkier places, not really looking for upscale, but somewhere with character?

any help would be appreciated-thanks!

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  1. My family lives in Pt. Arena and we visit often. There's a fairly new BBQ joint in Gualala (on west side of 1 north of the main strip malls) but we haven't heard good things about it. Otherwise, places we like to eat there beside Pangaea (in Gualala, more upscale and only open at night) are the Record, a great cafe in Point Arena with organic food and lots of locals, and the Panaderia/taqueria on the northern outskirts of Gualala on the west side of Hwy 1. Queenie's Cafe in Elk is awesome for breakfast and lunch and local character but is about 30 minutes north of Point Arena. For dessert, don't miss Franny's bakery in Point Arena.

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