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Paris Wine Bars

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We'll be in Paris next week, and we'll probably spend most of our dining bucks in wine bars. Any favorites in or near the Latin Quarter? We're looking for ones that are open late into the evening and serve good plates of charcuterie and fromage. It's been some time, but we'll probably make our first stop at Taverne Henri IV. One further question, any thoughts on whether Balzar is still worth enduring the crowds and the attitude?

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  1. These are not in the Latin Quarter, but are very good wine bars:
    Willi's Wine Bar 13 Rue de Petits Champs 2nd tel: 01 4261 0509
    Wine bar Juveniles, 47 rue de Richelier 1er tel: 01 4297 4649
    - both are walking distance form the Métro Palais Royal.

    Not a sit down place, but in the 7th near Rue Cler there is an excellent epicerie on rue Champs de Mars (I believe it is called L'Epicerie) that will allow wine tastings and has excellent meats and cheeses to accompany.

    Mmmmm. bon apetit!

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      I love Willi's! and Juvenile's has terrific tapas.

    2. Balzar is OK, but its chain ownership is evident. There may be crowds, but if there is attitude, it's sorely misplaced.

      1. jbw - try Les Papilles in the 5th - a gourmet grocery store/wine shop/bistro. Get the daily-changing set menu for 28.50 - lunch or dinner.

        Across the river in the 12th, go to Le Baron Bouge. Get great wines by the glass - or take a bottle to go filled from the barrels - bottle deposit is 30 centimes. They serve cheese, charcuterie, and rillettes. Go on Sundays for lunch when the nearby Marché d'Aligre closes and the weekly impromptu party spills out onto the street.

        Les Papilles
        30, rue Gay-Lussac
        75005 Paris
        01 43 25 20 79
        Métro Luxembourg

        Le Baron Bouge
        1, r. Théophile Roussel
        75012 Paris
        01 43 43 14 32
        Métro Ledru Rollin

        1. Hi jbw, I'd like to 2nd the recommendation to Le Baron Bouge. I've seen Pierre Gagnaire there on two occasions so it must be good right??
          If you find yourself in the 1st, try Vino's. Very unpretentious and knowledgable staff, I think the sommelier is ex. taillevent.

          1. Try Les Pipos, just below the Pantheon on the corner at 2, rue de l'Ecole Polytechnique
            5th- Metro Maubert-Mutualite
            good wines, Auvergne specialites.

            1. A simple neighborhood wine bar we really enjoyed in the Latin Quarter was La Petite Perigourdine on the Rue des Ecoles (right next door to our hotel, the St Jacques - thank you to those who recommended it!) It has drinkable non-fancy wines, a casual and friendly ambience, delicious croque monsieur and free wireless Internet :)

              1. Thanks all.

                These are excellent recos, some of which I haven't seen elsewhere. I'll be sure to report back.

                1. if you also want to drink in the daytime, my favourite value wine option is lunch at Lavinia (the wine store) -- the restaurant upstairs has great cheese and meat platters and you can drink either a selection of wines by the glass, or the wines in the store by the bottle, at the retail price i.e. no restaurant markup. www.lavinia.fr

                  1. Check out Louis Vins on the rue de la Montagne Ste-Geneviève. Great wine list.

                    On the other side of town, near the Canal Saint-Martin, is the excellent wine shop/mini restaurant Le Verre Volé on the rue de Lancry. I love that place.

                    1. I love Balzar, but that has more to do with just that whole crazy attitude and being in Paris thing, so I don't know that I'd say it is worth it food-wise. I'll second (or third) the Willi's recommendation. I'd also strongly recommend a place called Le Rouge Gorge in the 4th at 8 rue St. Paul. I've had a few amazing meals there. It doesn't look like much, but it is worth a stop.

                      1. Oh yes, I'd forgotten to mention Lavinia (how could I?) As a nice contrast to the rather more everyday Petite Perigourdine, we sampled excellent Paulliac and a wonderful aged Armagnac at Lavinia. We also enjoyed stopping at L'Ecluse (the one along the Seine, just past Place St Michel) for a simple cheese plate and glasses of delicious Bordeaux. Although it was smack in the middle of the tourist trail, the place was practically empty - and hence very laidback and relaxing - on a Sunday afternoon!