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Mar 5, 2007 09:07 AM

Fabulous Experience at Sibling Rivalry

What a wonderful evening! I made a reservation a couple of months ago (on Open Table) for this past Saturday evening. In the comment section I mentioned that it was my sweetie's birthday and casually mentioned that a romantic table would be nice. As we were seated at a romantic, circular "booth", they presented us with menus that read "Happy Birthday Jeff" at the top. A huge smile comes over his face. Score! We ordered the Crisp Sweetbreads with Seared Pumpkin, Celeriac Puree, Swiss Chard, Chanterelles and Porcini Cream (I didn't taste the sweetbreads but the "sides" of this starter were fabulous), Baked Salmon Fillet in Crisp Phyllo with Creamed Corn, Mushrooms, Spinach, Tomato Fondue and a Lemon Butter Drizzle (mine- unbelievable) and Grilled Lamb Rack and Loin Chops with Garlic Confit, Rosemary, Haricots Verts and Braised Endive with Ham, Cantal and Cream (his-- he used bread to removed EVERY morsel on his plate). We ended the meal with Triple Chocolate Fondue House-Made Marshmallows, Long-Stem Strawberries, Cookies and Ice Cream Buttons (they piped "Happy Birthday" in chocolate on the plate). We ordered 3 glasses of wine total. He was impressed with the wine list, although I don't know as much about these things...but I'll believe him. They switched plates and flatware between each course, kept our water glasses full without being instrusive, and were attentive all evening. At the end of evening, they brought my sweetie a Sibling Rivalry mug filled with cookies and a copy of "his" menu scrolled up. Overall, I could not have asked for more. As we walked out, I got a loving kiss and request that we come back NEXT year for this birthday!

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  1. Interesting. I have a friend who shared my opinion of Sibling Rivalry based on first-year experiences there: that it was just so-so and rather overpriced. But he got dragged back there recently on a business dinner and thought it was much better, has been back a couple of times since and now really likes it. Based on this, I've been meaning to give it another spin.

    1. I had a similar early experience, but went back recently and managed to have some very memorable eats. I still can't stand the decor (feels like a ’90s hotel restaurant), but I'm meeting a friend there again this evening for apps and drinks at the bar. Will report back...

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        Yeah, I forgot to mention that I think the space is hideous, too; you captured it perfectly.

      2. They went above and beyond with the b-day treats. Very nice. Icarus once made a special menu for me and a friend on his b-day. Always a bonus.