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Mar 5, 2007 08:57 AM

Addis Red Sea in Cambridge

Yesterday I drove past the site of the now closed India Club at 1755 Mass Ave near Porter Square and saw a sign in the window that said 'Addis Red Sea. Coming Soon' Does anyone know if they are moving from the S. End location or opening another venue?

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  1. I don't know, but I'm already drooling at the thought of having an Addis in walking distance...

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    1. re: CK Dexter Haven

      As a coincidence, or something else, yesterday was the first time in my life I saw injera in a store (of any kind). Of all stores, it was Gourmet [something, I forget, but truth in advertising?], which took over White Hen Pantry in Porter Square.

      1. re: fenian

        Actually, this injera (I assume it is the same brand) is being distributed to a bunch of random little grocers and convenience stores in the area. It pops up in the most random places. We can find it regularly at the Thistle and Shamrock on Walden St. in Cambridge - one of the tiny hole-in-the-wall beer/wine/convenience places. We have tried it and it is pretty good; fairly sour (how I like it) and makes it possible to cook good Ethiopian food at home without the pain of having to ferment your own teff...

      2. I just called them and was told that the Cambridge restaurant is a second restaurant, they're not moving from Tremont St. in Boston. They should be open sometime in mid-late April.

        The injera is located at Gourmet Express at the corner of Upland and Mass. Ave. across from the Porter Sq. T stop.

        1. With Fasika in East Somerville, suddenly there's going to be Ethiopian options in the Somerville/Porter Square area. Speaking of Fasika, went there a couple weeks ago. The lentils, chicken and lamb were pretty good. The atmosphere is strange with it being half bar populated by locals and the other half the restaurant. Great service and good prices. The injera is more sour than I've found at Addis. Certainly a place to go back to.

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            I also went to Fasika a couple of weeks ago and found the food great and the "ambience" off-putting. There was a drunk man screaming profantiy at the Keno machine, several people drunken-ly "talking", and chaos at the bar. We were tucked into the corner and could hear every swear work, discussion of last night's escapades, and laugh from the bar. We loved the food but it was more raucus (sp?) than I like at my local pub, much less a restaurant. I still might go back, with more "realistic" expectations, but am also looking forward to the new Addis Red Sea that might offer a bit more civility. (Although higher price too I bet.) I am glad Fasika came to my neighborhood, I just wish they had a bouncer. (For the record, we did say something to one of the servers, who demurely asked the drunking man to be quieter but he yelled "Well, I could just leave" but stayed and made noise.)

          2. I went to the Addis Red Sea in Cambridge a few weeks ago and it was excellent, but the food was not in the least spicy (as in chili pepper hot). I heard a member of the wait staff say "never ask an Ethiopian for hot food (or you won't be able to eat it)", so someone is going to have to figure out the key to getting spicy not painfully hot food there I guess.

            1. ate there tonight -- was very good, similar quality to the original. Wait staff was very friendly and the place is bustling -- opens 5pm.

              and i did get a pretty spicy dish, which i thought well spiced.