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Mar 5, 2007 08:46 AM

Tomato Juice

Anyone have any good suggestions of what I can do with a large can of Tomato Juice???

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    1. Bloody Marys.

      Or use as a base for vegetable soup.

      1. My boyfriend has used cans of V8 (which is mostly tomato anyway) as a base for several of his improvised one pot meals. The most memorable was a sloppy joe-esque dish that he actually served over rice. Saute onions and garlic in a splash of olive oil then add ground beef and brown. Pour in V8 (or tomato juice) and various seasonings. My best guess is that he used worchestershire sauce, salt and pepper, tabasco and rosemary. Cook down till the V8 reduces into something saucy. (this is all guessing from what it tasted like...he doesn't keep track of what he's putting on his food while hes making it) While that may not actually sound very appetizing (as I realize it doesn't while reading over that...) it does give you a starting point. Pretty much any dish where you might use a can of crushed tomatos that a smoother texture and more liquid would be acceptable (maybe chili? veggie soups?) would work with tomato juice subbed in. I've also seen it in various rib marinades/glaze/braising liquid recipies.

        1. hey i can respond to that
          similar to Janet's comment below, i'm a guy who uses tomato juice or V8 all the time.
          i like to brown ground beef (preferably moose) in a heavy frying pan, with onions and garlic and seasoning, then add veggies like peppers, asparagus, zuchini, tomatoes, brocolli, celery, or whatever, and then add the juice, let simmer, and yum, yum! It's a hit with others too. It's sorta like chili without the chili peppers and chili beans but with veggies instead.

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            Beef and Barley Vegetable Soup, one of the oldest recipes I have. Goes way back!

          2. Gonna sound weird, but I poach chicken breasts and eggs in tomato juice.

            It's also an interesting addition to meatloaf.

            Good used in muffins too. scroll down a bit

            or cake

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              How about an aspic? Most cookbooks have a good basic recipe...I like to simmer the juice with some celery leaves, bay leaf, lemon peel, whatever else in the veggy crisper that looks good, and proceed from there (strain the stuff out before adding gelatin, etc). I usually make a dill-mayo dressing to go along side. My hubby loves this with beef, and it's really quick and easy - just have to remember to make it early in the day so it has time to jell.

              1. re: kmr

                Aspic is a wonderful idea. You can hit it with some beef boullion,too. You'll know when it tastes just right to you. There was a time when a luncheon table was incomplete without aspic. Refreshing, tasty, and pretty to look at.