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Mar 5, 2007 08:40 AM

Corned beef sides - help please...

I am looking forward to making my yearly corned beef dinner - can't wait for the corned beef, but am less than excited for the standard boiled carrots, potatoes and cabbage. Any other sides that chowhounders have with this dish that stand out?

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  1. When I make New England Boiled Dinner I boil the corned beef brisket point until it is done, then in the same water I add Carrots, Cabbage, small red potatoes, onions (quartered) and a cubed rutabaga.

    Good eats Maynard!!

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    1. re: rich in stl

      I love rutabagas - good idea - I'll give it a try. Thanks! Maybe some pearl onions would fancy it up a bit as well...

      1. re: KrisH

        Hi Kris, rutabagas are a good idea but so are turnips. And if you're in New England, specifically Vermont's own Gilfeather turnip. My favorite way to do a boiled dinner is in a pressure cooker. It just melds all the root veggies & corned beef flavors beautifully.
        BTW, I would expect that this thread will be moved to the Home Cooking board.

    2. I love good mashed potatoes! I went to a party recently where they had all possible toppings set up around martini glasses. Guests filled the glasses with potatoes and topped it with chives, bacon, cheddar, sour cream, or whatever they wanted. Delicious and fun.