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Mar 5, 2007 08:07 AM

Milford for drinks and dinner

I am meeting a friend in Milford for dinner. Any suggestions,we both dont know the area and would like some good. We are in our 20's and would like a good drink with good food, preferably off the the 95 area

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  1. Gusto (Italian Tuscan) on Rt 1

    Costa Azurra is a cheesy Italian restaurant, but most of the pastas/sauces are excellent choices and it's right on the water. (Closer to the Devon section of Milford.) It's "off the beaten path," so get explicit directions. Don't expect to find good wines there, though. Liquor drinks are fine, but the wine is so-so. It's family run and operated. ;) I suggest the fra diavolo.

    There are so many places to get decent pizza or Italian in small restaurants in Milford, and if you were more familiar with the area I would suggest you drive Rt 1, New Haven Avenue or Bridgeport Avenue and just pick one. Armellinos, for instance.

    The only other Milford restaurants I can think of are the ones downtown, near the train station. Stonebridge, for instance, but I have not been there in DECADES, so I do not know anything about quality of food. But you will probably get a better choice of wines there, and a more 20's friendly atmosphere. There's also a club right across the street Downtown might be more up your alley! I think you can park at the train station after business hours, but check first. Otherwise, parking is on the street.

    1. I second Gusto, as well as Conte Ristorante for great Italian fare. Both are located on Rt. 1. Citrus is pretty good. It is located downtown in a back parking lot, across from Archie Moores.

      1. Try Harborside Grill on the Milford/Stratford line...right off 95... in warm weather they have a very lively outdoor bar scene..with good food..... lots of 20 somethings there...

        1. As a summer resident of Milford, I can tell you that there are not a lot of really fine dining establishments. From what has been mentioned above, here are my thoughts:
          Costa Azurra - really really funky (ala 1950's) cheap...and decent food but served in a decidedly unappetizing atmosphere
          Stonebridge - totally undistinguished food, but a major "scene," especially in the warm weather
          Gusto - semi-upscale Italian - sometime succeeds....sometime fails
          Harborside (Stratford) - Zagat's rates the food a 12!! (need I say more?), but again, a very lively bar scene
          What hasn't been mentioned are 2 favorites, both moderately priced and some very good Italian food: Aldario's on Naugatuck Ave - old school Italian with an increasingly ambitious menu; Al Dente on Bridgeport Ave in Devon - very nice food...a new wine and martini bar upstairs - moderate prices.
          If you like sushi, some of the best around is at East on Rt 1 near the mall.

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          1. re: lsnhc

            "decidedly unappetizing atmosphere"

            That's obnoxious. It's a family restaurant. Period.

            1. re: Bette

              You are taking my comments totally out of context. IS a family restaurant
              The main dining room looks as if it hasn't been updated in 50 years. I'm not a huge fan of stalagmites and stalactites. I also have a problem with tablecloths that are generally torn and stained. I am never a slave to fashion, be it clothing or restaurant decor, but even its main competitor, Aldario's (cousins), has done some updating to the dining room.
              Again, no complaints about the food, but it just might not be the place for 20 somethings to meet....

          2. I don't think the original poster said "fine dining." Just good food with some drinks. Big difference, and for that many places around Milford fit the bill.