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Mar 5, 2007 08:04 AM

Local Food Fine Dining in Seattle area?

Does anyone know of restaurants that follow a Chez Panisse or French Laundry style of local ingredient use here in the Seattle area? So far the only place I have heard of like this is the Herb Farm.

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  1. check out the "most seattlest" thread. again, i'd say lark, rover's, sitka & spruce, tilth, cascadia, lampreia, brasa, cafe juanita.
    flying fish, even tom douglas' restaurants use a fair amount of local produce. we're lucky to have so many chefs that support our local farmers.

    1. Reputedly, the chef at Qube is formerly of French Laundry. I'm not sure if that makes her of the same/similar style with regards to ingredients though.

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        in no way, shape or form is qube like the french laundry.

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          Woof, no. Qube sucks. Weak food, cold atmosphere, indifferent service.

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            Qube is terrible. She may have worked at the French Laundry, but for all we know all she did was menial prep work, take out the garbage, or man the dish washer. I dined at the French Laundry recently and one of the staff there let on that hundreds of chefs go thru the kitchen, spending from a few days to a few weeks in the kitchen. So just saying you worked there is great, but means as much as me saying I worked at Starbucks - it doesn't mean I know anything about coffee. :-)

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              Qube's new chef is a 'he' and used to work at Charlie Trotter's in Chicago? I believe the Laundry chef is now gone. Menu is pretty creative and the presentation quite impressive. Interior, well, it is modern, so if you like that sort of design. Not for everyone, I guess, but if you are looking for an experience, he offers a eight or nice course tasting menu.

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                Yeah, she's over at the Waters Bistro at the Watermark Hotel over in Carillion Point in Kirkland.

                I had Thanksgiving dinner there last year.
                All pretty tasty, but I have no idea if things were sourced locally
                (I don't really care about that sort of thing...)

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. My recommendation would be The Inn at Langley ( They only do dinner Fri-Sun, year round. The dinners hold approx 20 people and the chef will speak at the beginning of each course. It was a VERY memorable, intimate, delicious dinner/experience that I'd love to do again.

              1. you also might look at Le Gourmand in Ballard . . . chef naftaly seeks local ingredients whenever possible, and is a regular at the local farmers' markets.

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                  second vote for le gourmand. he and maria hinds are tops at this. i just prefer the food at le gourmand.