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Mar 5, 2007 07:50 AM

almost decided--couple questions

We have a 4 night weekend coming up in DC and have settled on 3 restaurants, I think, but am having trouble with a 4th.

Because Jaleo and Zaytinya don't take reservations (except early) and my husband is NOT good at waiting, I've unfortunately eliminated them. So far I've chosen Dino, Zed's (because we want to walk around Georgetown one night after dinner) and Johnny's Half Shell. I'm looking for one other restaurant that is mid-priced. Around Dupont Circle might be good so that we could explore that area also. Any cuisine ok. Thought about the Tabard Inn.

Am I way off on the picks I've made? Can you give me some suggestions for a 4th night?

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  1. We all have different opinions but ....

    In the Dupont Circle area, I like Pesce [seafood] a lot. They dont' take reservations but if you get there before 7, it isn't a problem. Mark & Orlando's is a nice middle of the road restaurant that does take reservations. So does Obelisk across the street which is an excellent high-end Italian restaurant. Not so high-end is Tiramisu, a good Italian restaurant. I have never been impressed with Tabard Inn. Just me I guess. Hank's Oyster bar is nearby for good, casual seafood [try the lobster roll] but it doesn't take reservations. The best restuarant in the area is Komi. You definitley need reservations. It is one of the top 10 in Washington.

    If you are in the Georgetown area, you might want to consider La Chaumierere, a French-country restaurant. I like Menocino Grill as well for modern american. For a taste of the very best at modest prices, consider the Citronelle lounge. Casual dress but food [limited menu] from the fabulous Citronelle downstairs. Especially try the desserts, which may be Michele Richard's strongest area.

    I have never been to Zed's so can' t comment. I don't understand the fuss over Dino. I was unimpressed. Try Palena one block up the street.

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      Palena is extremely expensive if you sit outside the bar, which is the only area that takes reservations. Dino is wonderful at its pricepoint for the value of wine and the quality of food. Why were you unimpressed? What did you order?

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        Agree completely about Pesce. Head and shoulders above Johnny's Half Shell for seafood. Or most other places in town. Although Seacatch in Georgetown is another favorite of mine. Pesce also has wonderful desserts.
        Michel Richard's Central (10th and Penn) has lower priced versions of his 4-star Citronelle's food and the surroundings are much better than the lounge area at the restaurant in G'Town.
        Montmartre at Eastern Market on Capital Hill is a steady favorite. Great classic French bistro food, good wine list, good desserts. Easy relaxing atmosphere. Other places to visit for a drink after dinner on nearby Barracks Row on on PA Ave, SE.

      2. Zed's is an interesting place but there is better Ethiopian food to be had around U st. If you still want something a little exotic while in Georgetown you might want to try one of the Vietnamese places on M St.

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          Can you suggest specific restaurants?