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Mar 5, 2007 07:50 AM

LTK seaport

Has anyone been to LTK recently? What are your thoughts?
I went for the first time yesterday after getting in a glimpse of the USS JFK aircraft carrier. It was cold and I wanted seafood. After going to the "no name", I walked out as there was just a funkadelic smell. I went to LTK and after some hosting confusion, got seated immediately. The waitress asked us something about televisions and ipod connections....? After our apparently confused reactions she explained that you can request a television or ipod connection at your table. Whatever. We decided to enjoy each other's company.
The food was pretty good - oysters, chowder, onion tart....a pretty good guiness pour. But there was such an air of irritation with the service. The place wasn't even crowded. Have other people received bad service here? I felt like the waitress hated us, even though we didn't do anything to warrant the bad service.

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  1. We have been several times and the service has been spotty each time. I also agree the food is only pretty good. All said we will go back. Given that it is called Legal Test Kitchen I wish they gave you an easy way to point out problems to the owners. For example we ordered a dozen oysters and they came out on a platter sized for six piled on top of each other to fit on the 12.

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      Yes, I totally agree about the oysters. By piling oysters on top of each other, all the liquor of the bottom one was displaced. Not cool.

    2. I work in the area and the description we commonly use for LTK refers to an incident we had during lunch once. LTK is a bread basket of 5 roles for a party of 7. This sums up my repeated experience with LTK. Everything, food, service, decor, is just a little bit off, to the point of annoyance. I am a Legal Sea Foods fan and was very much looking foward to the addition to the neighborhood, but have been repeatedly disappointed. No meal I have had at LTK has ever completely hit the mark.

      If I need a sit down lunch in the area, Aura remains my first choice. Although the room at Aura is odd, the food is consistently good and the service excellent.

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        Have you tried dining in the lounge area. The atmosphere and view are much better and you can order off the bar or Aura menu.