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Mar 5, 2007 07:28 AM

Santa Cruz Dog Friendly Restaurants?

Husband and I would love to visit Santa Cruz with our dogs. Coming from San Francisco we are used to many sidewalk and/or patio areas where one can take dogs. Are there areas in Santa Cruz where this is possible? In the past, we have been to the Walnut Cafe and Zacharys but we have heard the downtown area is a no dog zone now. Is that true?Looking for coffee spots,lunch, or brunch. Thank you so much for your help. We will have a car so anywhere in the county area is doable.

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  1. I believe Seabright Brewery will let you sit on the patio with your dog.

    1. I've seen dogs at Aldo's at the yacht harbor. Very tasty seafood there too.

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        Aldo's was the first place that came to my mind too. It's a great place to take dogs since you can stroll the harbor and beach before or after. Good for breakfast or lunch but I would pass on dinner. We like the fried seafood plates (oysters, calamari, etc) and breakfast items (served til 1pm, IIRC). Clam chowder is pretty decent. Pay attention to their daily specials too.

        I'm not sure if downtown is a dog-free zone, but now that you mention it, I don't really ever see dogs when walking along Pacific Ave. No other dog-friendly places w/ good food comes to mind right now, but I'll add more later if I think of any. Please report back to let us know what you and your dog discover...

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          We had lunch at Aldo's this afternoon and I am happy to report our dogs were welcomed on the patio. We ordered the crab sandwich which was a generous portion of meat on warm bun with fries and husband had the fish sandwich on fugasa bread with fries. The patio is open to the harbor and has terrific views from every table. The service was friendly and did not rush us as we were taking our time reading the menu before ordering. We certainly will go back to try the acclaimed breakfast. Thanks for the recommendation - we loved it.

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            Thanks for the update. Glad you enjoyed Aldo's. We were there a couple of weekends ago for lunch and the place was packed due to the great weather and tourists/boaters out. Husband had the fried calamari and, having a serious craving for red meat, I decided to try their burger. The burger was ok, but not the best in town for its class. Some of the breakfast plates that were floating about looked great though...

            I'll let you know if I think of other tasty and dog-friendly joints.

        1. Thank you so much! The website was very informative-this weekend plan to go to Michael's on Main and sit on the patio. So far this week have been to Beckman's Bakery where they have sandwiches as well as baked breads and desserts. There is an outdoor sitting area in the front (no view except of parking area) but otherwise great on a sunny day. Sandwiches were yummy and good coffee. Took home some dutch crust bread, too.Thanks for the tip on Aldo's where we enjoyed a bowl of chowder with terrific view.

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            Thanks for reporting back during your visit. Another place w/ some outdoor seating and vibrant food is Cafe Brasil, although the waits can be excrutiating and the space kinda tight.


            If it's too full, you can always go across the street to Vasili's for homey Greek food. Oh, you might also check out some other bakeries like The Buttery or Kelly's for breakfast or lunch. Kelly's on the westside is great before or after a visit to Natural Bridges Park and strolling along the Cliff St. walking path. There's a nice farmer's market on Sat. on the westside as well.

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              Thank you so much for the rec. for Cafe Brasil. Husband and I went there early morning -8:30- and shared a Orfeu Negro(Baguette with poached eggs,black beans,and salsa),half order of Banana pancakes,great coffee, and a Acai Bowl which we had never had before and found delicious. The acai is a drink served in a bowl -blend of fruit juices,syrup,topped with granola and bananas. They do have a small patio area in front where the dogs were welcomed. This is a such a nice place though and since we went early did not have to wait long for table. The service was great and we will return whenever in Santa Cruz. Thanks again!

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                Thanks for reporting back; glad you liked Cafe Brasil. I guess 8:30am is a good time to go then. :-)

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                  Cafe Brazil is amazing for breakfast!

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                    I love Cafe Brasil, but I try to avoid trekking to that side of town. Only six miles or so, but it takes half an hour to get there! Anyway, you have to try the feijoada completa. It's what I usually get, although I've tried other things. It's hearty and filling, and a change from eggs and toast. It's enough for two people to share (get an extra plate with the rice and other sides) and still have some leftover.

              2. Not sure about dog friendly places to eat, but I am sure that dogs aren't allowed on the main drag at all, leashed or not =(