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Mar 5, 2007 07:21 AM

April 2007 Cookbook of the Month: Your Suggestions Needed

Voting for April is coming up quick! I had a tough time in March deciding on a cookbook that we could all find inspiration from until I decided upon a website, and then it was easy from there. So, here I am in need of suggestions for April! I think my brain is ready for warm weather, hence the troubles!

I'm thinking climates are still going to be up and down in April, so I think it still needs to be a somewhat versatile cookbook, maybe a good all-around cookbook. I really want to do a farmer's market type cookbook (suggestions are welcome for this too), but want to leave that until warmer months.

Classics are always good, as are readily available newer cookbooks. Please post your suggestions in this thread!


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  1. I have been loving Claudia Roden's "Arabesque" lately.

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    1. re: Rick_V

      I would love to do a Claudia Roden or Paula Wolfert book. I've been very interested in the cooking of the midE/mediterranean region.

      1. re: Smokey

        Wolfert's Slow Mediterranean Kitchen is great....

        1. re: Smokey

          Do you think Mediterranean would be good in April (for most people) or do you think it would be better in a warmer month? (I don't know that much about Med. cooking, so I honestly don't know.)

          1. re: Katie Nell

            I've cooked from both Arabesque and Slow Mediterranean Kitchen. Either would be fine in April in my opinion and I'd vote for either!

            1. re: Katie Nell

              Wolfert's is "Slow" Med. and contains lots of long-baked, simmered and braised dishes. Perfect for a cold month.

              I'd go for any books by Wolfert or Roden. They are two of my very fave cookbook authors.

              1. re: oakjoan

                See, I'm thinking the 'slow food' one isn't a good rec, but some of the other books (by either) might be ok. Are all of Wolfert's books 'slow food' books?

                1. re: oakjoan

                  My vote would be two books suggested that I own and have yet to explore - Slow Med, or Sunday Suppers.

          2. Along the lines of "all-around cookbook", what about the Joy of Cooking? Most people probably already have this in their collection. Or what about a James Beard book like American Cookery...

            1. Classics, all-around, versatile, I'm thinking:
              Joy of Cooking
              Bittmans How to Cook Everything

              1. I'm crazy about "Sunday Suppers at Lucques" by Suzanne Goin. It would take a long time to describe it, but if you go to and hit "Cookbook Review," you will see my description of the book. I've been cooking from it for a while, and absolutely everything has been a winner.

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                1. re: ChefJune

                  We had a long thread a while ago about her Short Ribs with horseradish cream. Oooohhheeeee was that ever great.

                2. I just love "Screamingly Good Food" by Karen Barnaby - A Canadian Chef. It is arranged by seasons with special feasts for special days- wonderful recipes!!

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                  1. re: flipkeat

                    It's hard to imagine have a month long 'cook along' that was from a book that is arranged by season and holiday. Maybe my imagination is just limited...