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Mar 5, 2007 07:07 AM

Mimi's, Gerrard and Logan

Since living in the Riverdale/Leslieville area for the past 3 years, I've frequented Mimi's for take-out only, at least 1/2 a dozen times. I've only ever ordered Pho or Bun, mainly because I order it for myself, and at least in the past, anything else was just too much food!

Last night I ordered #114, Bun with BBQ shrimp on sugarcane, BBQ pork and spring rolls. I was disappointed in both the portion size, which seems to have shrunk in the past few years, and the quality. I remember there used to be 2 spring rolls - crispy and tasty. Now there is one, which was mushy inside. I also remember getting two pieces of shrimp on sugarcane, now one. Also, underneath the vermicelli was a large amount of bean sprouts, which I like, but it seemed to be underneath to 'beef' up the look of the portion.

It's not like I NEED more food, but I used to look forward to leftovers.

Anyone else noticed a change in either quality or portion size?

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  1. I order #114 all the time, and I've only ever got one spring roll and one shrimp on sugarcane. And I suppose the spring roll could be described as mushy inside, but by the time I've soaked it with the dipping sauce, it's bound to be pretty mushy. All in all, I'd say that Mimi's #114 is as excellent and as large as ever...

    1. I want to love Mimi's because they are so nice in there but...
      I really don't like their spring rolls. What exactly are they filled with anyway? Grey mush. Yum.
      Actually, it's been a while since I've had a nice thick "imperial" roll with a high filling to wrapper ratio at any Vietnamese restaurant.

      1. Mimi's doesn't seem to cater to the Vietnamese market. I don't understand the lineups at that place at all.
        My default item in that neighborhood is #79 at Pho 88 - Grilled Chicken & Spring Rolls on Vermicelli. Huge, authentic and tasty, check it out. (Their pho is excellent too...)

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        1. re: koknia

          Until fairly recently, they were so warm and welcoming that it made up for their decent, but less than stellar, food. I think it started to change when their kids grew up. It's still OK and the family is still very nice, but I no longer feel like a I'm a guest in their home. It's never our first choice any more, as the food is better elsewhere.

          1. re: embee

            Any suggestions for a place with better bun? Mimi is my go-to for the above-mentioned #114--I like the very thin noodles they use at Mimi--but if there is better bun out there, I'd love to investigate further...

            1. re: TwinklyTerrapin

              Try Pho Bo Ray, down the street. I was there once with mixed results: I had a pho with very good ingredients (succulent and thin raw beef, but so much salt and MSG in the broth as to be almost inedible), and my wife had a bun. She said over all the bun was excellent, with thin noodles, very fresh herns and vegetables, tasty BBQ pork, but really terrible springrolls. Seems every place has their pluses and minuses....

        2. I do prefer Pho 88 for pho, and their spring rolls are really good and quite large. But I do prefer the thinner noodles that they use in the bun at Mimi's...oh, but the grilled chicken that they do at Pho 88 is amazing (the pho with BBQ chicken will cure any cold) so I think I'll have to try that our sometime...

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          1. re: TwinklyTerrapin

            Agree with you about Pho 88 for pho - great stuff! And love their spring rolls. For fast food on a budget on a very cold day you just can't beat it! I've tried Mimi's but was disappointed - don't understand all the fuss and fanmail for that place.

            1. re: KitchenVoodoo

              Yup, Pho 88 is my choice for the food, Mimi's is more for atmosphere. Since I"m a foodie, the food place gets my business. Plus they're super-fast.

          2. their bbq sausages are worth it
            try the DIY rolls
            and their bbq chicken and quiche on rice is an excellent choice too

            their pho is average