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Mar 5, 2007 06:53 AM

Affordable dinner near theater district?

My boyfriend's parents are coming to town and I need some suggestions for an affordable dinner anywhere from copley to the theater district. Basically, places that do not go over $20 an entree and no asian food. I know it's a broad category so I'd just appreciate to know what some of your favs are. Thanks a lot.

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  1. Silvertone is simple and a serious deal. They have great basic comfort food like mac & cheese.

    Teatro could be an option if you order well. The antipasto is huge and my favorite thing on the menu. You can also select half orders of pasta. The pizza is respectable also.

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      I went to Tetro as part of a party of 3. We split the antipasto for 2 (which was more than big enough for 3), each ordered a half order of pasta, and split a bottle of the house red (Il Bastardo). It was a very filling, throughly enjoyable, and very reasonably priced meal.

    2. I like taking visitors to Jacob Wirth's -- the food is reasonable and dependable, and the decor is, well, the decor.

      1. Teatro has great food- and it's in the heart of downtown so if you're going to the theatre district afterwards it's only a block away. However, it is REALLY loud- esp. on weekends so you may want to think before you take parent's there... (the ceilings are high and there are many hard surfaces)

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          I would argue that it's not REALLY loud. Years ago I found the volume oppressive but I believe something in the room has been modified. I've been several times in the past year, weekends and week nights, and it's been fine. You can hear the buzz of a busy restaurant full of guests. I've also been with older guests and had no issues having a lovely conversation.

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            I think it was the addition of the carpet that helped with the noise. I am glad to hear you don't mind it, bc the food is excellent- although when I took my mother and she thought it was oppressively loud.

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              In addition to very squishy carpeting, they have added accoustical tiles along the walls. The current noise level is no worse (and perhaps better) than at any other busy restaurant; unfortunately they still are dogged by this old reputation for being really loud.

        2. My parents love Grotto. The prices generally fit your range and the food is amazing. It is on Bowdoin Street in walking distance to the theater district.
          I'd also suggest Giacomo's on Columbus. They take reservations, the servings are generous and the prices are squarely within your range. I like the roasted red pepper and goat cheese gnocchi with chicken, spinach, and mushrooms in a tomato sauce with a hint of bechamal. yum. The butternut squash ravioli are also tasty. I think the calamari is the best in the city.

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            Grotto is really nice- great for parents. Best to make resi's if you can

          2. Thank you all. We've passed on the menus to the folks so they can decide. Oh, how I love Chowhound...