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Mar 5, 2007 06:09 AM

I heart Petsi Pie

People I work with rave about Petsi Pie so I finally dropped in. I was visiting illin’ relatives and wanted to bring goodies. I picked up a chicken pot pie, a spinach ricotta tart, and a four berry pie.

Wow! I actually got a slice of the tart for myself to chow in the car. It was terrific. Loved the pine nuts, which at first glance looked like they might overpower the tart but that wasn’t the case. Great mix of flavors and not too rich, well at least not so rich that I wasn’t dying to try to the pot pie.

The chicken pot pie looked a little dry when I cut into it because there wasn’t much saucy goodness spilling from it. Surprisingly the lack of liquid didn’t really matter. The chicken was super moist and the crust was amazingly flakey and just buttery enough. The ratio of chicken to veggies was heavy on the chicken end, which was just fine with me. I got a large pie and felt like I could have devoured half of it. I’m sure it was wiped out shortly after I dropped it off.

I dropped off the four berry pie and had a sliver. It was tart, sweet, and yummy with buttery flakey crust; just perfect. I’m thrilled that I finally stopped in. I’ll be picking up a chicken pot pie for home on one of these cold nights this week.

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  1. Now that you have tempted me, where is Petsi Pie?

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    1. re: Devilsfood

      Only good experiences for me. Their scones are arguably the best in the area. There are two locations: one on Beacon Street in Somerville next to Zoe's; the other near Harvard Square on Putnam Street.

      1. re: fenian

        I haven't had the scones, what are they like? I hate overly sweet ones, and I also don't enjoy the dry, flavorless (more authentic) ones.

        1. re: DoubleMan

          Petsi's scones are not as soft and buttery (almost biscuity) as my favorites at True Grounds (which are usually decadent and sweet), but they are not dry either. I would describe them as flaky. Also, they aren't very sweet, in my opinion. I think you might like them.

      2. re: Devilsfood

        I stopped by the Beacon St., Somerville location.

        1. re: kittychow

          Petsi's scones are not dry, and there's a wonderful assortment of flavors.

          They also carry them at Zing in the Porter Square Bookstore, where the coffee's a good complement to the scones.

      3. Being a frequent patron of O'Sullivan's on Beacon Street, I always noticed Petsi Pies on the opposite corner. Since I am generally at O'Sullivan's in the evening and Petsi's is only open during the day, I never had a chance to investigate--until recently...

        I made a Petsi-only pilgrimage to Beacon Street and was handsomely rewarded! We ordered the apple crumb for a dinner party and all I can say is WOW! Buttery crust, delectable crumbs, firm apples that were the best combination of tart and sweet and the slices held together just the right way. A great apple pie! My only complaint was that I was unable to purchase one of their quiches and a chicken pot pie--which brings me to a separate topic...

        On our way home on Saturday afternoon we had occasion to be on Main Street in Reading and passed Harrow's Chicken Pies. I had heard about this place for a while but never went out of my way to visit. Seeing it on the side of the road we immediately pulled over, purchased an "Apartment Size" chicken pie (with no veggies) and a bag of homemade rolls and were on our way. We baked the Chicken Pie for dinner last night and it was sensational. Flavorful, moist and perfectly seasoned. With a nice salad and a bottle of wine, what could be easier and more delicious for a cold Winter's night!

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        1. re: bizzy50

          Bizzy, thanks for reminding me of Harrow's - it's near where I live and not a far drive for me on the way home, and I keep forgetting to stop and pick up a pot pie for lunch/dinner. I think they sell them frozen as well? I'll have to make a trip this weekend!

          1. re: LindaWhit

            Linda, they do sell the pies frozen (and even heated "to go" if you call in advance!) My husband and I got an Apartment Size (feeds 2-3) and STILL have leftovers. Yummy.

        2. My wife proudly proclaims how she introduced Petsi's to our circle of friends. We've been passing by for years, until she finally stopped by and was totally smitten. Their pecan pie is killer good - some Southerners among us said it was the only good pecan pie they've had in New England. Personally, it's the only pecan pie I've ever liked. All of the pies I've tasted there are excellent, including the fruit pies. I can't wait to try the chicken pot pie (thanks chowhounds). Their muffins and pastries are great as well. My wife really likes the scones, and I'm a fan of their corn muffin w/ raspberry filling. One warning: if you're looking for a pie before Thanksgiving/Christmas/etc., *reserve* them in advance. We reserved ours a week ahead of Thanksgiving, and when we went to pick them up, we had to show pity for those stuck in a long line, waiting for the made-to-order pies. Trivia: you can often see Petsi at the Beacon St. my ears, her name is pronounced like "Peet-see"...she's a displaced Southerner, hence the killer pecan pie.

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          1. re: Cambridge7

            I think Renee (whose nickname as a kid was Petsi) had southern relatives, but also RI roots? She's wonderful though, and my family loves both their sweet and savory offerings. Even though we live 20 minutes from Cambridge, we regularly drag out of town relatives to Petsi's for scones, pies and cookies, and Renee greets them all with a smile. Their savory tarts are the perfect summer picnic fare!

            1. re: Bluebell

              Renee is a sassmistress and my hero!

          2. does anyone know if they are still doing the latin brunch on the weekends? i asked at the harvard sq location in december and was told they would start up again after the new year, but i seem to recall hearing (via word of mouth) that they aren't doing it anymore.

            i'm a big fan of their scones; oddly, i'm not so into their pies. i will have to check out the chicken pot pie.

            1. Does anyone have any idea of what ingredients they use? I like to avoid shortening and high fructose corn syrup.


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              1. re: ErstwhileEditor

                Dear Erstwhile... When asked they will tell you,totally transfat free shortning and real butter. The only things that corn syrups go in would be pecan pies, pecan bars and the like.