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Mar 5, 2007 06:02 AM

Ching's Table, New Canaan

I met 2 friends yesterday at Ching's Table for a 6:30 reservation. I arrived exactly on time and the hostess seated me knowing I was meeting 2 others, but I was the first to arrive. I waited 25 minutes thinking my friends were late (which is not unusual for this friend). My friend called me at 6:55 asking if I was alright because she knows I am never late. They had apparantly arrived 2-3 minutes after me and were seated at another table that was not visible from the table I was seated at. The hostess seated us separately and when I said something to her, she was unapologetic to say the least. Eventually, we asked to speak to a manager. They said there was no manager but they would inform the owner. The owner refused to come to the table and sent over the "waiter in charge". He said this happens all the time and the owner doesn't care that much. Then he said, so are you looking to get something comped??? We were all pretty offended at the way we were treated and said that proper ettiquette would suggest that without asking us you would try to ameliorate the screw up. They gave us a free dessert, but honestly, I kind apology would have sufficed.

I almost NEVER complain about service and tend to be pretty forgiving, but this had me steamed.

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  1. I am sorry to LOL but this is standard operating procedure at Ching's Table. They have great food, full stop. They have the WORST service and the waiter is absolutely correct, the owner could not give a hoot about ANY custo that walks through the door.

    You could write a book about the bad behavior of everyone at the front of the house. Just some examples from my 7 years:

    1 - They asked M&M Jfood to move tables three times during the course of a meal - NO APOLOGY. I told the "manager" one more time, i'm leaving without paying.
    2 - They brought the entrees at the same time as the appetizersd - NO APOLOGY
    3 - They packed the wrong food for take-out - NO APOLOGY
    4 - They rush rush rush rush you all the time - NO APOLOGY
    5 - They are rude - NO APOLOGY
    6 - They do not care - NO APOLOGY
    7 - They are voted best in FFD county - NO APOLOGY

    You are very special in that you got comped something. That is a MAJOR win for a custo at Ching's. BTW, I have gone from 3-4 a month to once a year custo for sit down. The trick in ordering is order the apps ONLY, and then when you are done with the apps, order the entrees. Otherwise you will be out of there in 20 minutes.

    Their sister restos are much nicer to the custos.

    1. I agree with jfood (as usual), the service is terrible, but the food is so damn good. My wife and I get takeout 4-5 times a month, and I maybe hit a sitdown lunch there with coworkers once every couple of months.

      I've come to learn that the trick with takeout is to add 10 minutes to whatever time you are told on the phone.

      Curious, jfood...what else do they own?

      1. I thought they also owned Papaya Thai in SONO but it is missing from the link.

        1. No, Papaya Thai is owned by Plum Tree ( The Japanese restaurant next door to Ching's Table. Ching's table owes several small Fusion places in ridgefield, wilton etc

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            Thanks Iwa for correcting my brain cramp. Have you been to Papaya Thai?

          2. I haven't been there but a friend has been several times and said the first time was good but last fews time were terrible.