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Union Oyster House

Has anyone recently been to the Union Oyster House in Boston for lunch? This week (Restaurant Week) they have a 3 course lunch special for $20.07 per person (not including tax, tip and beverage). I have never been to the Union Oyster House. Is their food good and worth the $20.07 lunch special? Any information would be appreciated.

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  1. I went once and will never go back...the food was horrible. Apparently if you go for oysters, you should sit at the oyster bar. Otherwise, I don't recommend it at all.

    1. Only been once with family several years ago . Was not impressed . More of a tourist trap IMO . Try The Daily Catch in the North End .

      1. It's been a few years since I've gone - we brought some friends from out of town there for lobster, steamers, etc. It was very good - which, we all know as long as the food is fresh, is hard th mess up steamed seafood. The waitress was fun - been there 25 years, served our food w/ side of 'crust", so to speak. We didnt order anything fancy, but for simply prepared steamers and lobsters, I'd go back there.

        1. The food I ate there was Walmart Snack Bar quality.

          1. Love it! On a recent trip to Boston, had lunch at Legal Seafoods - ho hum and expensive and I coulda been anywhere in the US. After a long walk around the city, we went to Union Oyster and were treated like Kings (and Queens). Da chowdah, da oystahs, da broile fish ... even da climb up da stairs ... I ONLY could have been in one place - da Oystah House. We will go back!

            1. Oysters only, and only at the bar.

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                Haven't been recently, but I'll second ScubaSteve and the other naysayers.

              2. Place is crap...don't go there (i guess only for oysters but B&G would be a better spot)...thank me later

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                1. No no no. The food is bad. Really. Even for restaurant week prices, i wouldn't go.

                  1. I have not been for a while, but the food was never as horrible as some people say. Stick with the basics -- chowder, broiled scrod, etc., it will be fine. You don't go there for a gourmet meal -- just something simple and the historic atmosphere.

                    1. There's much better seafood in Beantown... Leagal Seafood for one (even though it's a local chain).

                      1. The Union Oyster House does have great atmosphere -- it's the oldest continuously-operating restaurant in the US -- but I too suggest that you only actually eat raw oysters, and only while sitting at the first-floor raw bar where you can see them shucked in front of you. Otherwise, the food is dreary, overpriced tourist-trap fare, some of it disgusting.

                        1. Its a tourist trap. The food is decent, but it caters to the tourist crowd!

                          1. I am in total agreement with the naysayers. At best, it is mediocre, and I think that I am probably being overly generous to give them that high a rating. "Tourist Trap" is pretty much an accurate description.