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Mar 5, 2007 05:53 AM

Mac's Industrial - Mpls

I just moved back to Minneapolis and noticed the Union in NE has changed to Mac’s Industrial. What’s the word on Mac’s?

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  1. From this recent thread:

    This summary:
    Mac's Industrial (Full bar, bad food, ok specials)

    1. I live in the neighborhood and enjoy Mac's (especially for darts and pool) however as KT mentioned; the food is awful and the happy hour is ok. The atmosphere is similar to Grumpies and clientel ranges from older regulars to scowling hipster-bike messanger types. There are better options in the neighborhood for bar-food (Whitey's, Bulldog) and way better options for happy hour (Conga), however Mac's is a nice change of pace.

      Side note: Good jukebox

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      1. re: Foureyes137

        I realize your post is 4 years old, but you're out of your mind. Mac's has the best Burger (Sweet n Spicy), best Reuben, best French Dip and best Mac n Cheese in Minneapolis, hands down. It isn't "bar food," so much as amazingness on a plate.

        1. re: sheplebd

          I'll agree they have a great Reuben which was added with many of the menu changes and a new beer program after I posted this...however the mac & cheese is abysmal (pre-made then microwaved with shredded cheese added) and we'll have to agree to disagree about the rest.

          Mac's doesn't have the best burger in the neighborhood, much less the city at large.

          1. re: Foureyes137

            too many Grand Marnier bottles...