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Mar 5, 2007 05:48 AM

RW: Great Bay

The round dinner rolls were soft and fresh w/ hints of herbs, and above all warm :-)

For appetizers, they had a clam chowder and a mussel dish. The clam chowder was very light, w/ very fresh ingredients (a few clam chunks, celery, potatoes) sprinkled on top of a nice base made of cream, broth, shallots, and pancetta; it seemed like a Charlie Trotter style dish (a.k.a., tasty, fresh, small). The mussels were sat in the same base, but there were a good number of them (maybe a dozen) and they tasted a lot more "of the sea" than other mussel dishes I've tried; if you like raw oysters, you'd probably love the brininess of the mussel dish.

For entrees, they had a stuffed chicken and salmon. The chicken was pounded chicken breast in the form of a roll on top of various vegetables and polenta, then topped w/ caramelized onions; the chicken was the tastier of the dishes. The salmon was probably one of the best cooked ones I've tried (it ends up silky smooth if you don't overcook it..I broil it to get this consistency). It was topped w/ a citrus sauce which went well w/ the golden raisins and nuts on the bottom, though some may not like the citrus sauce because it's a little unusual.

The "smores" dessert didn't look that enticing from the menu description, but it was very well done. It looked like a multi-level cupcake w/ a freshly made crunchy peanut butter on the bottom, a chocolate (almost mousse like) layer, then a layer of fluff on top in a soft-cone shape and lightly charred. Very creative w/ inexpensive ingredients, and very filling. The blueberry jam ice cream was tasty w/ chunks of blueberry jam in vanilla ice cream; it was also very tasty.

Service was excellent (though they follow the Sorellina style of replacing silverware for no apparent reason ;-) The space is pretty hip w/ funky lighting and a wall light mural that is supposed to make you think of the sea.

Pleasant surprise of the night: they presented us w/ a gift certificate for $33.07 to use in June as a thank you for trying them on restaurant week (not sure if this was for everyone or only for the first night). That monkfish on the regular menu sounds very tempting...

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  1. Wow, that gift certificate is a nice bonus. Covers just about one entree there. Make sure to get the butterscotch pudding for dessert when you go back.

    1. I thought the gift certificate was a nice idea too - they did the same when we went to Via Matta during a previous RW.

      1. I also had a positive experience dining at Great Bay. One of the things that I liked was that the 2 choices for the main course on the RW menu are the same dishes offered on their regular menu so you're actually sampling their regular dishes instead of some watered down creations that the other restaurant offer during RW. Kudos to Great Bay.

        1. Went to Great Bay last night for RW. Was able to substitute my appetizer option with a mixed green salad as I don't eat shellfish - was nice that they were able to accomodate a change. Split both entries with my husband - liked the chicken the best, very moist and tasty filling. Salmon was good, but citrus "sauce" a bit too tart for my liking. Raspberry icecream for dessert was delicious and was quickly devoured. We didn't end up finishing the Chocolate S'mores dessert..VERY sweet and sugary.
          All in all a good meal, but would have prefered ordering from the regular menu...if only the prices were the same.
          Unfortunately we didn't get the $33.07 gift certificate some others received...perhaps was only a limited number that were given out the first night?

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          1. re: gator14

            I think the GC varied by the size of your party as well. We didn't see any couples get it, but we had a party of 4. We saw a party of 6 get one as well...

            I didn't eat breakfast the next day because I was still full from the s'mores :-)