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Mar 5, 2007 05:43 AM

Wedding Dinner in Sarasota (or nearby)?

(I did a search on this topic before posting and was unable to find any recent posts, so please forgive me if this post seems redundant at all)

My fiancee and I are planning a very informal wedding on the beach near Sarasota (poss. Longboat Key) on May 1 (late afternoon/evening) of this year. Can anyone recommend a nice place for dinner? This would be for approx 10-15 people, and while type of cuisine would be fine, there will be two people with dietary restrictions (nut allergies, gluten sensitivity) in attendance.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. I don't know what kind of price range you had in mind but I have to assume that you are already aware that Longboat Key is a pretty exclusive resort area. Euphemia Haye, Pattigeorges and Mattisons are all good choices on Longboat. If you go about twenty minutes north to Anna Maria Island there is a place caled the Beach Bistro. Beach Bistro is considered by many to be the best resaurant in the area. Down in Sarasota itself you might look into Michael's on East and Derricks.

    1. Thanks for the recs... I've had another recommendation for Euphemia Haye from a friend of a friend, but I didn't get details. I've not been able to track down a website for the restaurant... can you tell me anything about the food there? Thanks.

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        It's been a while since I was there but the food was great. One of the best parts was the dessert room upstairs. There is usually music up there and a great bar. Try this link

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          Euphemia Haye is known for their duck and steak, but all the rest is just OK. Also, special requests will not be accepted downstairs. He does not have a private room, but he does have a upstairs bar with dining tables and also a dessert room. His desserts look better then they taste.
          Pattigeorges is very good, but asian flair. Mattisons probably is a excellent choice, because its very large, very good, and formal but romantic, and can easily accomodiate your party very well. Derricks is very very noisy. Michaels on East has a attitude, high prices, and food they may have to be sent back at least once.
          Beach Bistro is one of the best in Florida, and although the prices are high, its very special. Its directly on the beach, very cozy, excellent selections and service, and romantic. They do have a back room, and can probably accomodiate your party very well. I am going there in a few weeks for our 27th anniversary, and go their only on special occasions. Their telephone number is 941-778-6444. Longboat Key also has the Chart House. Its really not bad, but not in the same catagory as Beach Bistro, because the Chart House is very commercial, but large enough to acccomodate your party. Its the only restaurant that I have seen Cavier on the salad bar. For a real italian treat you can try PINO'S off Main St, or another excellent restaurant that we love is THE TABLE on Hillview. If you want additional info, you can email me. Good Luck, Irwin

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            Thanks for the great info! I'll try emailing yuo, too, but one quick qestion: does Beach Bistro allow children? My god-daughter is 2 and a half, and her sister is only 9 months and they may try to make it (their parents want to both be at both events) to both the ceremony and the dinner afterwards...

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              I don't think children are welcomed at Beach Bistro, but you can call and ask

      2. Just to update, we ended up going to Euphemia Haye for a post-wedding dinner, just my new husband and myself. Absolutely loved walking through the garden before and after the meal, and liked the interiors of the restaurant. The service was excellent. The food... not so excellent. We started with tuna sashimi, which was good, and then my husband ordered the steak while I had the duck. I didn't realize that we needed to order veggies a la carte (I'd had a glass of champagne and may have overlooked this in the menu:)), so we ended up with just the steak and duck. My husband's steak looked quite good, and he enjoyed it. My duck was not good at all, to be honest. Overcooked, and overfull of stuffing. It probably didn't help that it was hot day and the duck would probably have been a better autumn/ winter-time dish.
        After dinner, we went upstairs to the dessert room. This was great, although the (very young) hostess neglected to give us drinks menus. The triple berry glaze was outstanding, as was the chocolate cake (slices as big as your head!). The music was good, too.
        I'd definitely go back, but would stay away from the duck and order more veggies.
        Thanks again for all your help.