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Mar 5, 2007 05:26 AM

Special Needs Lunch in or near Charlottesville

Hi, Fellow chowhounds. I am hoping you can help.

My sisters and I are taking my elderly parents on a day trip in the general area of Charlottesville and Scottsville. While my Mom is in pretty good shape, my Dad is on oxygen so it's slow go and more driving than walking. We're going to drive the pretty countryside and look out the car windows! We want to take them somewhere for some special lunch eats in this area on a Saturday. They are not fancy eaters, but ambience a must (like an old inn with a fireplace or something along those lines). Just decent sandwiches or soups, something like that. Nothing fancy and fair prices. Can be in a town or near a town or on an old estate.

Hoping you can help and soon as we are heading out this coming weekend. Suggestions?

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  1. Keswick Hall sounds like it would fit the bill. Fancy sort of country-club place, with a pretty and fancy country house restaurant. They serve tea during week-day afternoons - that kind of gives you some idea. When it is nice out, you can sit on the back porch and get served, I believe. Very pretty area surrounding it. This link might give you more information:

    1. Boar's Head Inn is a beautiful resort just west of UVA. They have four different dining options, at varying costs:

      The local paper has an entire listing of area inns: