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Mar 5, 2007 05:25 AM

Houston knife sharpening?

Anyone know a good place to get my Messermeister Meridian 10" chef sharpened?

There is a 2-year old thread on here about it, but there seemed to be very little confidence in the responses.

As far as I know, the MM knives have a more acute edge than the common german knives (wustoff, henckels) and i'd rather not some kid throw it for 5 minutes against a grinder...

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  1. If you haven't been already, I would try Bering's. If they can't do it, they could refer you to someone that can.

    1. Central Market will do knife sharpening-have never gotten it done there, but they do hold a knife skills class there at times so there may be people there who you could trust with your knife...worth a try to ask at least!

      1. 2dull4you is a Houston based company that specializes in kitchen cutlery sharpening, and they are a mobile service. They also repair damaged blades, and they sharpen serrated knives also.
        Visit their website at: