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Mar 5, 2007 05:22 AM

Bagel place on 5th/17th-closed?

The shutters have been down all weekend and I thought they were maybe renovating but they were still down today. Can't say I'll miss it- they always got my orders wrong so I stopped going awhile ago. But there were always people in there.

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  1. Won't miss it? If you live in the hood and know of a remotely comparable place to get a good bagel please do tell.

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    1. re: zachwalker

      Has Beans next door has good bagels (albeit not bagel sandwiches). The best bagels in the Slope are at Bagel Hole on 7th- their bagels are the size a bagel should be not the carbo-monster-sized bagels at Bagel Factory.

      1. re: pastoralia

        Ewww. Has Beans comparable to Bagel Factory?! Nooooooo. Their bagels are totally horrendous in my experience. I used to go there before BF opened and it was always disappointing - the bagels are chewy and flavorless and awful. The bagels LOOK nice but the taste is horrible. Yuck. I have a bad opinion of Has Beans generally, though, because the owner has always seemed so unpleasant. Even if it were the only coffee shop around, I wouldn't go there. I'm excited about vin rouge, I just have to hope that owner doesn't hang around much.

        And 7th is not really the same neighborhood as 17th so I personally will be praying BF re-opens soon. I've had "wrong order" issues in the past there as well, but their bagels and spreads are yummy enough that it doesn't bother me.

        1. re: angelalala

          That's so funny. I've always found the owner of Has Beans to be humorless and dour too...that's why I go to Cafe Sutra on 18th. What do you know about the owner of vin Rouge that you hope he doesn't hang around much?

          RE: "wrong order" issues- It sucks when you're halfway down Fifth on your way to work in the morning and you tuck into the ham egg and cheese bialy you paid for and there's no ham. When that happens a couple of times you tend to give up on a place.

          Isn't there a bagel place that opened around 12th? Or was it north of 9th? I know I've seen a sign. And really, if you're eating bagels every day a walk up to Seventh and Bagel Hole might not be a bad idea.

          1. re: pastoralia

            The owner of Has Beans is the proprietor Vin Rouge, I believe.

            Have you been to Red Horse Cafe on 12th st & 6th? I live right next to Sutra & Has Beans but choose Red Horse hands down, and make the further walk regularly.

    2. The Bagel Factory is my weekend morning routine. I hope this isn't a permanent closure.

      1. Red Horse is a great place. Very cozy and charming although the service can be a bit slow at times since they're so popular. I'm a big fan of Sutra because they carry Two Little Red Hens cupcakes.

        I had no idea that little old lady from Has Beans is opening a wine odd. (and just in time for the wine store that opened next door- great place by the way run by a really fun old Polish couple).

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        1. re: pastoralia

          She's not a little old lady...but she can come across as dour. She's been quite helpful to folks in the neighborhood, me included, and I hope her wine bar is a fun place with a diverse selection. I just made my second visit to that new wine store today, and once again ended up with a very drinkable somewhat inexpensive bottle. The couple who run it are a riot...and they told me that the bagel place had a small fire in the kitchen and will be reopening. However, someone on a Park Slope message board claimed they were shut down by the board of health.

          I also prefer Red Horse to the other coffeehouses nearby...anyone who uses a bottomless portafilter with their espresso machine is worthy of praise. Their homemade empanadas make a nice snack, too.

          1. re: PAL

            Yeah, there's a notice from the health board on the bagel factory front door. It's kind of obscured by the gate but it's there. :(

          2. re: pastoralia

            I don't think the coffee at has beans is very good. Never tried the coffee at Bagel Factory but their bagels rocked...there is a bagel place a few blocks up by bank of america...bagel's and wraps it's called. I like the coffee at Sutra...I used to be a barista and the owner is awesome and enjoys talking about espresso. A bottomless portafilter doesn't make a huge difference if you know what you're doing...but it's a great training tool.

            1. re: davel

              Agreed. She is very nice. They are definitely better than Has Beans but Red Horse still gets my vote.

              There's was a new guy at Sutra once who busted out some latte art which totally caught me off guard. But I haven't seen him since, and actually *think* I saw him working at Gorilla a month ago.

          3. The original comment has been removed
            1. I just went by and they've re-opened. The manager said they were closed because of "renovations." By the way, they got my order wrong again. When will I learn?