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Mar 5, 2007 05:21 AM

Fred's Not here review...

Thanks again for the suggestion and recomendations....we went to Fred's not here last night after the phantom...awesome show!!...and we were VERY impressed by Fred's not here....it took forever to pick what we wanted to eat b/c there was so many good things to choose!!...I had the Seafood rissoto...it was awesome!...so full of flavor and super yummy...also had the potstickers and spring rolls...also very very good.

We thought it was a GREAT place...excellent food!...good price...good all arround!

Great place...I would go back for sure!

P.S it was $140.00 for FOUR people with Drinks!...great deal.!!!

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  1. Good to know that they're turning it around, as I found that many of the restaurants in that immediate theatre strip on King St. W are average at best.

    1. I will be there Tuesday. Now you have me looking forward to it more. I will post my findings.

      1. We ate at Fred’s Not Here this evening.
        We arrived at about 7:30 PM, a reservation is always a good idea, and it was fairly busy, only 5 or 6 empty tables.
        The hostess was at the door and greeting people as they arrived with a smile, it made you feel like you were appreciated. We were seated almost immediately and we were soon engaged by our Waiter, Josh.
        While we were making up our minds on what appetizers to try, a basket of bread arrived with something a little special in it. There were a couple of pieces of Jalapeno Corn Bread that Josh told us, had a bit of a zing to it. Well, let me tell you, it had just the right amount of Jalapeno and they were fantastic. Now I have to get out my Corn Bread recipes and see if I can adapt it….
        For starters we tried the Asian shrimp & chicken spring rolls w/ sweet & hot sauce and also the Green onion focacia w/duck confit, roasted onion & goat cheese.
        And oh, we had a glass of wine each. One of the things that I liked was that all of the wines were available by the glass.
        Within a few minutes Josh arrived with our appetizers. We started on the focacia and it was a real treat and a very flavourful start to the meal. Next we bit into the Asian shrimp rolls along with the sweet & hot sauce. They too, were most enjoyable.
        There were sooo many choices for the Entrée that it was hard to decide. There is a distinct Asian theme to the menu but I can assure you there is something for everyone.
        We ordered the Blackened cajun prime rib of beef w/ succotash and as I was feeling a little adventurous, “Evil jungle prince” – Thai red curry chicken w/sweet basil, coconut milk, galanger ginger, cilantro & basmati. Our waiter was very attentive and when questioned about how hot the “Evil Jungle Prince” is, he rated it about 6 out of 10, stating that (and quite truly) that hot is a relative thing but they could tone it down a bit if we wanted. The meals arrived soon after we were finished with our appetizers and I was very impressed with the presentation of the meals. A restaurant that takes the time to present its meals demonstrates to me that they care about the end result. The prime rib arrived cooked exactly as requested and had that nice Cajun flavour edge to it. I was really impressed by the Evil Jungle Prince, very tender pieces of chicken in a nice sauce that was not too hot at all for me. It arrived on a large rectangular plate. And the portions were very respectable. The Basmati rice was done to perfection. I would rate the service as very good, even though as I stated earlier, the place appeared to be busy.
        Well, there is so much more on the menu to try that I will be back as I was very satisfied with my experience today.
        There was just not enough room left for desert, we were full.

        1. I have been a patron of Fred's for some time. They've had some up and down years but lately it's been on the up. Love it there for casual and fun dining with great food.

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            Glad you like it. We will be going back next week to try some other things on the menu.

          2. I was at Fred's Not Here about two weeks ago.
            I find the concept of having the two restaurants under one roof interesting. My problem is that I can't get past all of the yummy appetizers!
            I want to fill up on just those! Can't say enough about the service, the staff were always checking back and making sure we had everything we needed.
            I don't know if they have it all the time, but there were some prix fixe menu items that had quite a variety for a reasonable amount. I think it was $25.00 which is quite reasonable. Enjoy.