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Mar 5, 2007 05:21 AM

Israeli style gefilte fish

Bought some gefilte fish labeled Israeli style. Seemed pretty standard to me, what makes it Israeli style?

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  1. The product description says :

    No MSG
    No egg yolk
    No matzo meal
    Imported from Israel

    Is that different from the Gefilte Fish we usually purchase?

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    1. re: ciaogal

      Yuck. There's nothing worse than Israeli gefilte fish. I spent a year in Yeshiva in Israel and basically had to give up gefilte fish the whole time, except for the occasional meal at an American family who knew where to purchase American gefilte fish.

      We used to joke that Israeli gefilte fish was made by aimply pureeing a whole carp, head, bones, and all, and forming into a log.

      1. re: CWY

        I guess it depends where you went to school in Israel. In KBY, the presence of gefilte fish (or any non soy protein for that matter) was a reason to run to the chadar ochel.

        When I think of Israeli style GF I remember the way it was served in J'lem, a piece of fish with the middle carved out and the ground gefilte stuffed inside. I could stil go for that.

    2. I miss English style Gefilte fish in the USA. In England it is mostly fried though boiled is also made and bought in Manishewitz and other jars. But nothing beats fried gefilte with hot hot hot chrein.