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Mar 5, 2007 04:37 AM

Breakfast in Secaucus

I'm in search of good breakfast options in or near Secaucus, NJ, for this coming weekend. Good diner fare is always welcome, as are suggestions of good cafes and bakeries.

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  1. In the shopping center in the center of town, there is a bagel place called Bagel Buffet. Nothing fancy, but excellent bagels and other food as well. No waiter service, but there are tables to sit at.

    If you feel like going to Clifton, the Tick Tock diner on Route 3 is great.

    1. my favorite in the area is Candlewyck Diner in Rutherford, about a 10-minute drive. their-own-batter-recipe pancakes are second only to my mother's. huge menu, of course.

      1. Bagel Buffet, in the center of town, the CVS Plaza, is incredible. The best bagels, great breakfast sandwiches, and food for lunch too. Try it!