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Mar 5, 2007 02:23 AM

Clinton Hill update

Since I moved to the Chocolate Factory last fall, I've found a few places I like on Myrtle Ave., but can still use some recommendations.

Maggie Brown - pleasant and comfortable, the place in this neighborhood where I'd take people who don't do ethnic. Menu is kind of quirky but what they have is well prepared. I had no problem with the service.

Yamashiro - first-rate sushi, stylish surroundings with just a few too many tables jammed into the front room.

Sapolo - Chinese and Spanish menus but the staff is all oriental. I've only had Chinese there, Cantonese style; very tasty, and the service is attentive.

John's Donut & Coffee Shop - had breakfast there once at the counter, OK but nothing special, opens early and closes at 4pm.

The vote's still out:

Zaytoons - the one time I ate there, the spinach pie was huge but not very appetizing (not to me anyway). Next time I'll try something else. Any recommendations?

I'm not so happy with:

Kum Kau - the one time I ate there, the dish didn't taste quite right and the waitress forgot to bring the rice until I reminded her.

Five Spot - the actual food was fine, but a DJ playing rap & hip-hop at an ear-splitting level ruined it for me, and the waitress rounded up the bill to even dollars (helping herself to 97 cents).

Frankly, since it's a 10 minute bus ride from home to Atlantic Ave. & Clinton St., I've had more meals in my old neighborhood than the new one. But especially when the weather turns, I'll make the trudge up the hill from Park to Myrtle more often, and can use your informed suggestions where to eat when I get there.

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  1. Try Castro's for Mexican (on Myrtle). One of best Mexican restaurants i've been to in brooklyn and very reasonably priced.

    1. Olea on lafayette. Greek but unique. Service and food fantastic.

      1. fish and crustaceans on 901 fulton street between vanderbilt and clinton aves for southern-style fish and chips and snow cones. the fish is always fresh and deep fried to order, and while the fries are simply generic this is still one of the best fish and chips places around.

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          Thanks to all for the suggestions. I'm looking for places closer to home than Fulton and Lafayette, though, so if there are any other good places on Myrtle like Castro's, let me know!

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            Hey Surly, I love Fish and Crustaceans too and noone ever talks about it on the board here. Their food is great, although the bread they use for the regular fish sandwich is kind of lame, the fish po boy is wonderful--I think they put some kind of melted butter sauce actually on the sandwich.
            The snow cones also rule. I get the tamarind one and then rush home and put it in a glass with some Pim's to make my favorite summer cocktail.

            1. re: bolletje

              yeah they definitely use very ordinary bread, but i've found that this tends to be the norm at most southern style fried fish shacks in the city. not sure if this is out of tradition or what.

              agreed on the po boys. and that's a unique way to provide flavor for your cocktails - great idea.

          2. Kum Kau is a Clinton Hill institution, but you don't eat there. Get take out like the regulars.I like the chicken and eggplant. And I hear there is a new sould food spot on Clinton that is pretty good. And head up to DeKalb. There are some good spots up there.