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Mar 5, 2007 12:33 AM

Off-menu Favorites

Care to share your favorite off-menu items?
I order lox with Eggs Benedict at Brent's. I had really enjoyed a Scottish Eggs Benedict and asked if they serve it at Brents.
They grill the lox a bit and I ask for the eggs poached hard. One waitress called it "Lox Benny." With the potatoes, it makes a tasty, hearty brunch.

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  1. be sure to ask for the great savory mango/banana soup they serve at samosa house.
    i NEVER see it posted on the menu, but they do, in fact, serve it quite often.

    1. Just had a brilliant off-menu dish at Thai Boom on Venice this weekend:
      kao pat pongalee bpoo - yellow curry crab fried rice. I asked for it; they happily made it. It was pretty great and it was just one part of a great meal.

      The pongalee is a different yellow curry than the gaeng galee that one usually finds in Thai places in the US. In this case, it is a dry curry - meaning the fried rice is not soaked in a wet curry, but spiced with yellow curry.

      This is a dish I swooned over while on vacation on Koh Samui years ago, but I couldn't easily find it when I moved to Bangkok. So, getting it in LA seems a treat. It isn't really a stand alone dish; it should be part of a meal with some veggies and maybe a fish dish.

      I imagine friendly places like Thai Boom will make a lot of off-menu dishes if you know what to ask for...

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        thai boom is beyond accomodating.
        they will adapt most of their recipes for their customers.
        i've seen them accomodate vegetarians, and low-cal eaters, and low-fat eaters with ease.
        the food is always good, even after adaptation.

      2. James Beach chocolate chip cookies...they arrive at your table warm and gooey with a little powder sugar..mmmm

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        1. re: priscilla2

          Wow...I've been going there for years and had no idea! They also have an off-menu butterscotch pudding but I've never had it.

        2. Burrata appetizer at Ago! It's not on the menu, but order it and it'll come fresh to your table. It's soo good -- the only other comparable one I've had was at Capo.

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          1. re: chica

            have you tried the burrata appetizer at Metro cafe?
            they don't serve it every day, so call before you go.

            1. re: westsidegal

              I've never been to Cafe Metro, but thank you for the heads up! I'll be sure to give it a try sometime.

          2. the beer bread at huntington beer factory mmmmmm