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Mar 5, 2007 12:05 AM

The Goof

I revisited an old haunt this past week.
The Goof.
I was there during the summer and I sat on the patio with the Mrs. and the Boy and we had a a very good meal at a very reasonable price.
I miss the old Goof, but the food quality vs. price was stil on target.
Missing my fix for the The Goof, I went there this evening and was satisfied as usual, and my only complaint would be the seats. These are what is best described as vinyl on top of plywood benches.... lol
All of us folks that love The Beaches (not The Beach) will know what I mean when I speak of this place. ;)


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  1. Kirk, I agree about -
    (1) Missing the old Goof. I used to hang out there as a teenager at Malvern Collegiate years ago, and can't bring myself to revisit the gentrified version.

    (2) It always was and always will be "The Beaches", no matter what's been decreed. As one journalist wrote, "Supporters of the pluralized name point out that the neighborhood was amalgamated in 1926 from four distinct beach districts: Woodbine, Kew, Balmy and Scarboro".

    1. I think the food was made edible at the old Goof mostly by the decor and ambience. Somehow those gristly Chinese ribs and the plates of vegetable stir-fry that were mostly hunks of celery were made palatable by the old vinyl booths, the grease-tinged paint, the broken jukeboxes, the original open grill. Now it's fancified itself--even fixing the broken sign that gave it its nickname!--it's bad food in a modern setting. It's true that price vs. quality is spot on, as Kirk says. You pay $6 for a full meal, you can guess at the quality. I don't know why anyone goes there EXCEPT because they need something cheap.

      And no booth I've sat in has vinyl on the planks--they're bare wood. It's like eating bad Chinese food in a church pew.

      But the rice pudding still rocks.

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        1. re: FlavoursGal

          If you mean the Goof I think it is the Garden Gate Restaurant. Not that anyone really knows it by that anymore ;)

        2. re: DylS

          Yes, I made an error (for the first time in my life) :) in relation to the seating..
          The Goof is edible and it IS fresh. I prefer the outdoor patio in the summer.
          And oh, I would not call it bad food. It is a good quick fix when you are on a budget.

        3. When you have two kids under six that like to hop up on the tables and scream, the Goof is perfect.

          We are semi regular. It is a gem IMO, but I would not brag about the quality. It is all about speed, price, and a comfy community feeling, without feeling sick later.

          It is a local thing. Every time I go in there I find a friend.

          And it is The Beach for those of us who live here. Not sure about why people are all up in arms about that (the whole multiple beaches thing refers to the sand, The Beach refers to the neighbourhood). You can call it whatever you like if it keeps you coming back.

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          1. re: Tasty Tater

            I find one thing about the quality I like.
            It is about freshness.
            I used to love the Honeybee to pieces. After a few episodes of obviously overcooked Chicken Balls, I appreciate the cooked and served to your plate at The Goof.

            And Oh, I detest people as far north as Danforth Avenue at Woodbine calling themselves Upper Beaches.