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Mar 4, 2007 10:44 PM

Going to Salt Lake in a few weeks

My friend and I are food fanatics and have decided to go to SLC to see the food scene. We would love to know of the best restaurants, hidden gems, specialty markets, bakeries etc. Are custard places a SLC thing? Look forward to hearing what you think! Help us PLEASE!

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  1. The Red Iguana. I grew up in the SW, and it is the best Mexican I've ever eaten.

    1. What Megiac said. My first bite at Red Iguana 18+ years ago convinced me I could be happy living in SLC (I grew up in Texas).

      The other true SLC gem is Mazza...ab fab Middle Eastern at the corner of 15 and 15.

      And not far behind is Thai Garden, near 4500 South and 900 East


      Two words: Les Madeleines. And two more (probably not spelled right): Kuong Amun. Good enough to make you want to move here. Seriously.