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Mar 4, 2007 09:30 PM

Korean curious

Beyond a bit of kim chi, some Korean BBQ and a hot pot of some sort, am not super familiar with this food and am anxious to get a more thorough exposure (esp as so many recent postings seem to indicate that Korean food is what LA is all about -- really makes me feel like I've been missing out). Looking for suggestions on best place to go for a full-on Korean dinner experience and some ideas as to what to order. Food-wise would rather err on side of more challenging rather than less. Would be coming from West Hollywood-ish but happy to roam.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Re. what to order, I usually get bulgogi (beef) and japchae (Korean glass noodles). There are usually chicken, rib and pork options on the menus as well, along with a variety of soups. The panchan (side dishes) usually come with the meal.

      My fave place is Pine Tree on Reseda Blvd. in Northridge.

      Many people on this board recommend a place called Soot Bull Jeep, but I have never been there. There are also other recs in the link below, which deserve to be checked out.

        1. Spicy fish soups, stew-like chigae and stone pot dishes featuring different grades of fermented bean pastes and a wildly ecletic repertoire of ingredients are the next step after BBQ in your Korean journey, bitey. Become familiar with the galaxy of herbs, vegetables, burdock, fruit and seeds used in Korean cuisine. Don't be afraid, if it wasn't healthy or delicious natural selection and culture would've edited out of the kitchen long ago. Have a delectable journey.

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            Since my first forray out (to Yongsusan) have become a big fan of fermented bean paste. Yum!

          2. Try Ham Ji Park, 6th and Berondo
            Pork Neck and Potato Soup and their signature dish, amazing slightly spicy ribs are awesome.