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Where are the best mussels & frites in the city?

I just moved here from San Francisco and am craving moules frites! Where are the best places to go? Are there any in the Loop or Wicker Park?

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  1. Try the HopLeaf on Clark in Andersonville... it's one of their specialties, along with a great variety of European beers and American microbrews on tap.

    1. I agree with Chicago Mike on the HopLeaf, but if you are looking for closer to Wicker Park, go to Le Bouchon. The moules are an appetizer and they have frites with their steaks so I am sure you can get a side of frite. Hopleaf is better but Le Bouchon may be more convenient for you.

      1. Not as close as you might like to Wicker Park or the Loop, but Bistro Campagne in Lincoln Square steams their mussels in Belgian ale. Excellent frites also. Give it a shot.

        1. I wholeheartedly second Chicago Mike's opinion of the Hopleaf in Andersonville. IMO by far the best mussels in the city, steamed in Belgian ale and served with a cone of frites, tangy aioli on the side. I go there at least once a month and can never bring myself to order anything else.

          1. Brasserie Jo has some goodies, but they're a little North of the Loop.

              1. Definitely try Cyrano's Bistro at 546 N. Wells. It is a wonderful French bistro and they serve wonderful mussels and frites each and every day. They also have their own web site at www.cyranosbistro.com Enjoy

                1. The best moule frite I have had in recent years was at Mon Ami Gabi in Lincoln Park. The mussels were plump and tasty, with a generous cone of frites on the side.

                  1. I don't know if anyone also mentioned West Town Tavern. They have excellent mussels too...unexpectedly good.

                    1. My three favorites (in order) Bistro Campagne (rich flavor, excellent bread, calm & relaxed atmosphere), Hopleaf (lobster broth and frites are excellent, can't get a better selection of beer, noisy and smoky atmosphere), Mon Ami Gabi (classic, more formal, low points for atmosphere, high points for flavor)

                      1. Thanks so much for all your replies! I will definitely try Hopleaf asap since it seems to be the most popular suggestion. Bistro Champagne sounds really good too. I am a sucker for good bread.