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Mar 4, 2007 08:56 PM

Paso Robles Wines

Planning to visit Paso Robles for Zin Festival in two weeks, and only would like to hit 3 wineries at the most. May I get recommendations on which wineries should I hit for tasting? The only criteria is that they should have great wine, ambiance or tasting fees are not important.


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  1. This one is too easy. Have your namesake wine at Linne Calodo. The Problem Child there is very nice. Sticks and Stones was tasting really good when I was there a couple of weeks ago.

    Since you are going for Zin fest, you might want to focus on that. For them, I would say my top three would be:
    Turley - very nice and impressive Zins. Tasting fee is steep though. I just buy the Dusi and Old Vines. Linne Calodo and L'Aventure - Zin blended with different varietals. Zin Alley was also good last I tried it but they only do one offering each year IIRC.

    If you don't want to be tied to just zin, here's a can't miss Westside tour for you.

    Call ahead and set up a winery tour at Tablas Creek for say 1pm. Buy some sandwiches for a packed lunch before you start.

    Start with a warmup at Lone Madrone on 46 just before Vineyard. Their new white wines should have just been release (or real soon now). My faves (Picpoul Blanc, Syrah, Mourvedre, Barolo).

    Turn right on Vineyard and take first Right into Linne Calodo. You can't miss with any of his stuff.

    Denner (a bit further down Vineyard) has a great white blend, Syrah, and may have a Grenache out now. The Grenache is the same used in Saxum and Villa Creek.

    For a wine break, further down Vineyard hit the Willow Creek Olive Ranch and do some tasting of the Pasolivo olive oil. Try the Olio Nuevo and flavored oils as well, you will love them.

    That should put you about time for Tablas Creek. Before your tour buy a bottle of the very nice Rose and have lunch on the patio. Then hit the tour. Winemaker is also the maker at Lone Madrone so you have come full circle. Different style, impressive white and red blends with the nicest tour around.

    Finish off with dinner at Villa Creek, ordering a bottle of the house wine (Grenacha if they have it or Willow Creek Cuvee) then order a second bottle to take home. Best wine deal in town.

    If you have a second day or are really gung ho, lots of others to try. Some other random places I like:

    Halter Ranch - on the way back out to Vineyard, impressive variety of estate vines and wines.
    Terry Hoage -very nice Syrah off the gravel Arbor road.
    Nadeau Family Cellars - high-octane Zins with nice Rhone style as well.
    I like a lot on the East side also but will leave that for others.

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      Great rundown BG. I'm also a big fan of Linne Caldo, and Tablas Creek. And for zins, I agree, you can't go wrong with Turley.

    2. Thanks for the response. I'm familiar with Linne Calodo as I have been an LC experience member for over 2 yrs now hence my handle as their Problem Child is also one of my favorites wines.

      I'm not familiar with the other wineries around that area hence the post and thank you so much for your feedback, that is most certainly some of the wineries that I would try when I visit.


      1. There's a bazillion threads on this on the board. My votes would be for Tablas Creek, Garretson, Linne Calodo and L'Aventure.