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Mar 4, 2007 07:14 PM

Addis Red Sea coming to Cambridge

According to the sign in the window, there is an Addis Red Sea (Ethiopian restaurant) going in the former site of India Club, 1755 Mass Ave. (between Harvard and Porter, next to the "Seoul Food" Korean restaurant). No mention of an opening date that I could see, anyone know? I'm excited to have them here on this side of the river--assuming they live up to the standards of the South End original of course!

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  1. Anyone know of any updates to this? Need some good Ethiopian this side of the river.

    On similar vein, gave the Fasika's in Somerville another try and it was passable, not great. We were the only diners there on a Thursday night.

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      Ran by this morning - still under construction, but sign says "Coming Soon!"