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Weekly meal delivery services in LA

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I'm looking for people's thoughts on good meal delivery services... not a restaurant that delivers, but rather someone that cooks high quality healthy food and delivers the meals to your door a few times a week for you to reheat.

There are three that I'm aware of:

Sunfare - http://www.sunfare.com

Susan's Healthy Gourmet - http://www.susanshealthygourmet.com/

Nutrifit - http://www.nutrifitonline.com/fr_inde...

The problem with all of these is that they aren't really geared to people who truly care about food. Rather, they're geared to dieters. I want to eat high quality food that's hopefully healthier than what I'd get in a restaurant, but I'm not necessarily on a weight loss plan.

Does anyone know of a truly high quality meal delivery service?

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  1. Check out the back of Los Angeles magazine in their ads section. I seem to recall several ads for personal chefs etc. who deliver.

    1. I'd recommend Fresh Dining (www.freshdining.com). Although it is geared toward dieters, the food itself is actually quite good -- far better, in fact, than the competitors.

      1. There's also Sayrelyn's, which does a lot of meal prep.


        1. There appears to be one more option in addition to the ones mentioned - L.A. Fresh Delivery.


          I just signed up for Fresh Dining, referenced above by HungryGirl106. It is outrageously expensive ($65 a day for organic). I was a little disappointed today to receive my mid-afternoon snack of California roll with fake, yes fake, crab. This is a diet program and the portions are miniscule, so you would think for $65, they could have used the real stuff.

          P.S. After my first day, I can say that the Fresh Dining food isn't bad. I'm just feeling crabby, so to speak, about the $65 a day fake crab. But I have been working long hours and eating lunch out every day and ordering dinners to be delivered to my office from Why Cook (which is also obscenely expensive), so Fresh Dining seems like a good temporary solution. As I was rushing around today, it was a real pleasure not to have to think about where I was going to go to grab lunch and what I was going to do about dinner while I burned the midnight oil at the office.

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            maybe that's why her handle is hungrygirl? =)

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              Did you ever go out for your healthy special occasion brunch?


            2. this is a really good service that several of my friends use and speak highly of. It sounds like it's exactly what your looking for.