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Mar 4, 2007 07:03 PM

Weekly meal delivery services in LA

I'm looking for people's thoughts on good meal delivery services... not a restaurant that delivers, but rather someone that cooks high quality healthy food and delivers the meals to your door a few times a week for you to reheat.

There are three that I'm aware of:

Sunfare -

Susan's Healthy Gourmet -

Nutrifit -

The problem with all of these is that they aren't really geared to people who truly care about food. Rather, they're geared to dieters. I want to eat high quality food that's hopefully healthier than what I'd get in a restaurant, but I'm not necessarily on a weight loss plan.

Does anyone know of a truly high quality meal delivery service?

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  1. Check out the back of Los Angeles magazine in their ads section. I seem to recall several ads for personal chefs etc. who deliver.

    1. I'd recommend Fresh Dining ( Although it is geared toward dieters, the food itself is actually quite good -- far better, in fact, than the competitors.

      1. There's also Sayrelyn's, which does a lot of meal prep.

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