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Mar 4, 2007 06:53 PM

Komado cooker

Does anyone have an old one, also known as a green egg cooker. Got one a yard sale. A pilot brought one back from Japan to Alaska for each of his stewardesses in the late 60's. Anyone cook in theirs regularly? Any ideas for a substitute for my lid or something to repair my lid, its split into three pieces. I'm guessing something the right size inverted.... but my cooker is all clay and I worry about expanding too quickly. She said to be careful..... what do you use for fuel?? Sure is a pretty BBQ.
THanks for the info

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  1. I believe this is the website for manufacturer, or USA distributor..and call or email your questions..

    I am considering, taking my time, making this purchase.

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    1. re: Jesdamala

      Others will know better but the Big Green Egg and the Kamado cookers are not the same manufacturer. Here is a link to the Big Green Egg..

      I have no experience with either...simply considering as we tossed out our ancient gas BBQ, and this coming spring/summer will be getting a new version/and or a Big Green Egg or Kamado....or both a gas version and a charcoal version of something. Open to thoughts/ideas/suggestions.

      1. re: Jesdamala

        THanks - havent emailed them but I will. This is so old its made of clay and is huge ( Gray pitted clay with orange band, metal hinges). THe materials are different than the new ones so I figured repair would be different.
        Different manufactures but same concept in cooking??? Komado - green egg ?? Slow cooker ?

        1. re: coastie

          Don't know what you have...I know they are different manufacturers...and I think you should email/call one or the other or both to determine what you have and what can be done as far as repairs. Both small, personal companies, but maybe have gone thorugh changes since yours was made. Still, you may have a great find, or not, but the only way you will figure this out, in my own opinion, is contacting the companies direct. Again to the best of my knowledge, these are different companies..

      2. re: Jesdamala

        Jesdemala, we bought a Kamado last summer. It's fabulous! I think its finest moment so far has been the slow-cooked Thanksgiving duck, but my husband grills, slow-cooks or bakes delicious things in it all the time.

        It can take a long time for your order to be filled, though, so keep that in mind while considering the purchase. Like, a couple of months.

        1. re: maryv

          Thanks Maryv....we are now in So Cal BBQ less...I have been going between three cities for three years, and finally home, and found the old gas BBQ to be not worth the repairs. I realize that no single cooker will satisfy all needs...thinking of starting with a medium gas Weber Genesis, for those weeknite grilled dinners. I am not feeding crowds these days. Then, truly thinking of going the Big Green Egg or Kamado for other yummy stuff. I used to smoke turkeys, chickens, offset roast, did so much and miss much of what I did and have not been able to do in a long time!

      3. My dad has one, special ordered from Japan, decades ago. I remember the drive up to San Jose when I was a wee one to pick it up from the importer. The ceramic cap toppled off and broke right away. He found a porcelain rice bowl of the right size as a substitute. I do remember the completely carbonized chicken, turned into a hunk of charcoal, that was the first experiment cooking with it.

        1. The BEST grill/smoker I have ever owned. Got the gas burner option but rarely use it. The grid bars are almost as thick as pencils.

          1. My father bought a Japanese import kamado over 30 years ago, and it began to deteriorate either because of constant use or exposure to the elements. He would patch it with some kind of concrete--QuikCreet, maybe? My brother is still using it, so I guess it worked. There is also an epoxy-type adhesive out there that is specifically meant for stone--that might work.

            If not, find out where you can get a Big Green Egg and buy one. Without question, it is one of the best cooking devices out there--when we moved from an apartment to a house, it was one of the first things that we bought, and I use it mostly to smoke ribs and turkeys. It is faster than any other type of smoker, leaves the food moist, with mellow and complex flavors.

            BTW, I bought it with a stand on casters--even though BGE claims that the ovens are made with modern materials that won't deteriorate, I keep it in the garage when I'm not using it. It is still in perfect condition.

            1. I have a Kamado #7. It is a great cooker. There are a few companies making these big ceramic cookers. In addition to the BGE & the previously linked Kamado, there's also an outfit called Imperial Kamado. There might be one or two others. The original Kamados (from back in the 60s) were made by the same guy who makes the new Kamados. If you go to their website they have some forums where you can ask about repairing the one you recently bought. One thing I have read is that you shouldn't get the older ones over 400/500(?) degrees.