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Mar 4, 2007 06:44 PM

Your favorite bowl of red in Austin?

I've had a craving for some good chili lately and wanted to get some opinions on some of the best in town. I've tried Texas Chili Parlor a couple of times. I didn't really like the texture of their chili... it's a little too thick. I like mine to be a little more...i don't know... "soupier".

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I'm a fan of a bowl of XXX at the Texas Chili Parlor but then I can't stand my chili to be "soupy".

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      1. re: Willisinaustin

        I second that emotion. I like to fight an epic battle with my chili.

      2. Chili Parlor is decent. if it's too think, pour in some beer....thin it out the cowboy way! too thick???? are you kidding. Where ya from, Cincinnati? No five-ways here!

        1. PokEJoe's BBQ actually has pretty good the Parmer location anyway. Got it as a side dish and was surprised it was actually pretty authentic...steak instead of hamburger and pretty spicy.

          1. I was really surprised when I tasted a companion's bowl of red at Texas Land and Cattle at south location. It had great texture and chili taste that reminded me of the bowl of red that I got as a kid at the Midland Ranch House....a taste that I strive for when I make my own.

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              Texas Land and Cattle seems to make a traditional Texas chili... just meat and spices, little if any tomato. It was a very pleasant surprise. This was at the Lakeline location and it's been a year or so.