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Mar 4, 2007 06:43 PM

D'Arbo Elderflower syrup

Zabar's seems to have stopped stocking D'Arbo Elderflower syrup, which I like to mix with seltzer (and sometimes ginger or lemon) to make soft drink elixir. Any suggestions about where I could source this syrup (or a suitable substitute) locally? I know it's available online, but I prefer to buy it in the city.

So you can picture what I am talking about:

Many thanks,

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  1. i enjoy elderflower & seltzer myself quite a bit.

    not the same brand, but i get mine from the little british grocery 'myers of keswick' in the west village. here is a link about the brand:

    1. Dean & DeLuca has it. I bought it at the SoHo store last weekend.

      1. Good news - Elderflower is back in stock at Zabar's. I picked up a bottle today.