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Need suggestions for Pasadena area please

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My sister-in-law was asking me for suggestions for a restaurant in the Pasadena area that would be ideal for kids ranging in age from five to teens plus adults. Probably something like pizza, pasta etc. The group will be about 25 to 30 people. I just can't come up with anything. Help please. Thanks

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  1. I was going to suggest Tarantino's until I saw the number of people that would be in the group.

    1. Also, Tarantino's is cash only. So, if you go there, hit the ATM first. I've seen them put together the center row of tables. It might do 25. Maybe one of the Domenico's branches but I'm not sure which.

      1. How about Hooters?

        Ok, just kidding.

        You might want to give ROBIN'S BBQ a look. http://robinsbbq.com/

        1. For Italian you might check with Scarantino's (former Dino's) on Colorado Blvd. or Carmine's in So. Pasadena, on Fair Oaks. If you're willing to change the menu to Mexican or BBQ check this post... I prefer El Portal over Mijares, and El Cholo last (food is so-so). Also, recent experiences at Robin's make me very reluctant to return (cold, stale food items, bad service, questionable staff hygiene). anywho... http://www.chowhound.com/topics/66266...

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            I agree with all the recs. Actually, just went to Scarantino's for the first time since the changes and everything is the same, except for the two new windows to Colorado, the opening from the lobby to the bar, some paint and the re-upholstering of the booths and chairs. I would probably choose Carmine's over Scarantino's, though. Mijares has a separate room you can use, or maybe the small patio. I would actually choose that over El Portal for children. La Fiesta Grande may be good (they have that side room where they can shove all those tables together. No Tarantino's - bleech!

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              just to add, El Portal has a large outdoor patio and will set up within a separate area for large parties as well as sometimes they use the catwalk/patio above...they also have a big "backroom" where they've put us with our "kids" to protect the other patrons ;-)

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              Robins is overrated. If you want BBQ there are better places. Canyon City BBQ, however it is about 10 minutes from Pasadena in Azusa, they can accomodate a group and the food is good and reasonable.

            3. Thank you everyone. I'm familiar with Carmines but not with Mijares or El Portal. Could you please let me know where they are located?

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                Mijares is on Pasadena Avenue between California and Del Mar. El Portal is between Colorado and Green (the Arcade - or something), just east of El Molino. Parking is 1st driveway off Green just east of El Molino.

              2. Buca de Beppo is fun and kid friendly, not the best Italian food, but great for groups and kids.

                1. If you want some place that will take reservations El Portal is good, and their outdoor patio is nice for a big group - assuming it's nice weather outside.

                  Not a chowhoundish place, but a place popular with kids, teens and budget minded is the Gelato di Roma in Old Town Pasadena near Hooters. Not the greatest pizza and gelato, but decent and it's not expensive. I think there are like about 8 booths in the back, but I don't think they take reservations.

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                    I believe that all the restaurants mentioned would probably take reservations for a group that large.