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Mar 4, 2007 06:39 PM

Greetings from a new Dallasite

Hey guys,
Just a brief introduction from a new member. I moved to Dallas back in July and just got around to posting up here. I've already picked up lots of great recs from searching around here. Also, I work at Central Market on Lovers as a "foodie."
Interests: Vietnamese and Thai, real Mexican, mega-spicy foods, Offal, Pork, Oysters and Crawfish
Favorites in town so far: Bistro B, Louie's, Herrera's, Lola, Tong's House

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  1. Welcome.

    I suppose you've tried Royal Thai and that divey looking place on Greenville, just south of Lovers already?


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      1. re: gavlist

        I believe the place is called Bangkok City. Not too much of a dive as far as Thai restaurants go but in a tight space right by Milo's.

        1. re: dallaspete

          interesting. I had lunch there once a few years back and thought it was pretty unimpressive (if not fairly poor quality). Have others had good experiences there?

          1. re: gavlist

            I havent been for lunch but, I have been several times for dinner and really enjoy the Basil Chicken. It is also BYOB.

            1. re: sl1

              I had a really spicy yellow curry dish there once that wasn't too bad.


    1. hope you like dallas so far

      1. If you like Herrera's you might like Avilas on Maple near Ojedas.

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        1. For real Mexican, try Cafe San Miguel on Henderson, as well as Pedrito's at Henderson and Capitol.

          For offal, go to Watel's Allen Street Cottage in Uptown. Superb.

          Eat happy.

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          1. re: HalleyP

            Thanks for that tip! I currently live in uptown and was begining to think there wasn't one place worthwhile around here except Lola. Oh and Hook Line and Sinker...

            1. re: Crouton

              We stayed in an uptown apartment for a month right after we moved from CA 18 months ago. Breadwinners was around the corner and we love their breakfast and bread.

              For real Mexican, we like El Fuego in Richardson.

              We like Thai Thai's buffet, but not so much the dishes we ordered from the menu.

              Is Tong's House (in Richardson?) good? What kind of Chinese? It's around the corner from where we live and we never paid attention.

              1. re: Crouton

                If we're just talking Uptown:
                La Duni
                Kozy Kitchen for something a little different
                Tin Star in the Quadrangle
                Yutaka Sushi Bistro
                Coal Vines for pizza
                Campania also for pizza
                Hola or Cafe Madrid for Spanish tapas
                Tio's Tortas supposed to be good, but haven't been
                Wild About Harry's for frozen custard and hot dogs

                Otherwise. . .

                Real Mexican:
                Cuquita's on Henderson

                Dallas doesn't really have great Thai, but my personal preferences in town are
                Thai Soon in Richardson
                Chan Thai in the Bishop Arts District
                Toy's Cafe on Lemmon Ave

                Good Chinese:
                First Chinese BBQ
                Kirin Court

                Good Vietnamese:
                my parents still go to Saigon Kitchen in Garland, but that's more out of habit than anything else. You might want to check some of the places discussed here:
       But there's definitely lots of viable options in that Jupiter/Walnut Little Saigon area.

                Korean BBQ:
                Seoul Garden

                Fried Chicken:

                Daza's in Deep Ellum
                Crustacean's in Deep Ellum

                If you like Lola you'll also like York Street. Had some great sweetbreads there in the past, but the menu is seasonal, so.

                Other notables in town:
                Hattie's in Bishop Arts
                Sushi Sake in Richardson (search for previous postings on this board; you'll find plenty of accolades
                )Doughmonkey for baked goods
                Henry's in Plano for ice cream

                Can't help you with pork, uber-spicy, oysters, or crawfish.

            2. Finding good Asian cusuine in Dallas is not an easy task. I have not found any notable Thai retaurant here despite visiting most in Dallas. Vietnamese is also pretty pitiful. Royal Thai and Bistro B are the best Thai/Vietnamese I have found.