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Mar 4, 2007 06:36 PM

What is The Gran Luxe Cafe in Garden City, LI?

It's huge and gaudy and in the middle of a parking lot. I am assuming it's like Cheesecake Factory meets Jillians (as in the same food and the same stereotypical Long Island crowd). Am I right? What's the deal with it?

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  1. you hit it right on the head, it is a subsidiary of the cheesecake factory. actually if you go sit at the bar it's pretty good for a beer and a burger. if your idea of fun is waiting an hour with a pager in your hand for a table then go for it.

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    1. re: byrd

      What's the menu like? Is it as extensive as The Cheesecake Factory's (complete with ads)?

    2. You basically answered your own question.

      1. Yes, it's fun, and crowded. If you can make it there for an early lunch - just before noon -you won't have to wait. Extensive menu, bread baked on premises. I've enjoyed every meal I've ever had there. Caveat to women or dieters - the appys are so big, they suffice as a meal.

        1. ate a grand lux in FL - 2 different ones actually. they have the BEST bread! yesterday we had lunch there - we shared the Asian Nachos appetizer which was huge - we could have shared it for the main course and we shared the Crispy Tofu for main course - both were excellent. Total bill for 2 for lunch including one soft drink - $22.00. And we were stuffed - we actually did not eat the rice that came with the Tofu because we were too full. so again, when discussing this place and Cheesecake Factory - good food for the mall.

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            What's the bread like? Because I love authentic baguettes and fresh bread loaves from Whole Foods. But I'm not going to go to a restaurant based on bread. I'm a girl that enjoys Legal Seafood or Panera or the drive to Waterzooi or nothing (I won't even take free samples from the food court).

          2. FWIW - I only have home-baked bread in my house. The first time he went to Grand Lux, my husband tasted the bread and said "this is REAL bread" - meaning just like he gets at home. The bread is a highlight, but there are plenty of things to enjoy on the menu. If you feel in a wicked mood, order the beignets for dessert. They come out hot with chocolate, raspberry, and Jack Daniels sauce on the side!!