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Mar 4, 2007 06:26 PM

Great restaurants in the Mayan Riviera

Visiting Tulum in the Mayan in 2 weeks and am looking for fabulous restaurant suggestions in or around my destination

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  1. by fabulous do you mean FABulous (as in haute cuisine?) or do you mean really good food regardless of anything else? I just got back a week ago and have a couple suggestions for the
    latter. I had both kinds of fabulous while there and when I go back I know where I'm going to eat.

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      Thanks for the quick response. Would like to do both, so something pretty and upscale, but also authentic as I am a chef and should probably do some research!!

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        For pretty and upscale: Posada Margherita (homemade pasta, seafood etc)
        Hechizo (authentic-ish but more chef driven)
        Cesiak (we didn't get there but I heard from someone I trust that it's really really good)

        For authentic: El Taco Quieto (in Pueblo on left side towards end of street orange bldg w/lattice on windows) different everyday if you don't speak spanish well you can go to the kitchen and point at what looks good.

        Bronco Pollo (pollo asado,amazing grilled chicken and fixins 3 people can eat very well for around $12)

        I ended up in this setting preferring the authentic cheap places..

        look at for more recs (though not all ones I stand by ) including photos.

    2. I returned from Playa del Carmen yesterday and aside from the customary haunts ( I lived there several years) I had a dinner experience that blew me away. Negrosal, on 16th St. between 1st and 5th Ave, which opened last year. Everything visual is an art form: frescoes, table legs, lighting, more. The dining room floor is glass; you feel as if you are dining on thin ice over the illuminated wine cellar below you, which has a 6-seat tasting table in the center. Well trained and good wait staff. The sommelier, from Valencia, will give you an enthusiastic tour. The chef, Ivan Luche, is from Montevideo and does fun south american- european- mexican fusions. I had chilean sea bass in a banana leaf fashioned like a canoe, in a puddle of jamaica sauce, with wilted spinach, on a square white plate so that the colors resembled the Mexican flag. (remember chiles en nogada? same color theme). The fish was perfect. My appetizer was grilled octopus with a flavorful but not hot chili rub. The octopus was as tender as overcooked pasta. Four of us agreed it was absolutely delicious. The ladies thought the lobster bisque was a little strong, so I slurped it down as well- muttering about who would want watery soup. Strong? Yes. I loved it. They shared an appetizer of salmon, goat cheese, and grapefruit segments which they would not share with the guys. We split a white chocolate souffle for dessert, which was a little gooey in the lower half but the gooey tasted good, too. The whole experience was something one might find in Polanco in DF but seemed so incongruous in Quintana Roo. If you can safely work out the transportation back to Tulum at night, it is worth a try. Website is I have no agenda other than sharing a great experience with fellow C'hounders. Buen provecho!