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Mar 3, 2007 06:58 AM

PF Chang's opinions?

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is pf changs any good? i know there are a thousand of them at many malls....

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  1. The PF Chang's I've been to are stand-alone restaurants, not at malls, and the food is very good, especially for a chain restaurant.

    1. no,

      a terrible chain restaurant attempt at chinese food.

      If you have a decent family run chinese restaurant in your area go there instead. Luckily I have only had the misfortune of eating @ PF Changs one time for a work function. Also luckily in the Chicago area we have dozens of great chinese restaurants to choose from.

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        As a native chinese, I have to say PF Chang serves surprisingly good food. It also provides consistency and good service.

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          I grew up in Hong Kong and I now live in Toronto where good authentic Chinese food is everywhere. And I liked PF Chang's when I used to travel to the US for work. I never saw it as a real Chinese restaurant. It is a chain and the food is pretty good for a chain.

          The lettuce wrap, crab wonton, and Mongolian beef were excellent.

          1. re: swsidejim

            I agree. I don't like PFC; they're a bit heavy handed w/their sauces. I don't think they're attempting Chinese food; I'd call it Way-Too-Americanized Chinese food.

            1. re: OCAnn

              I obviously dont like it either, but I could see it filling a chinese craving in the following instance:

              Perhaps if one lives in an area that has poor examples of chinese restaurants, PFC may work if a person has a craving for chinese. I found the food @ PFC to be on the same level as Panda Express at the mall.

              Like I mentioned I have many good chinese spots in the Chicago area, many I have tried, and a few on the list to try. My main thing is if I want chinese food I want the cooks in the kitchen to be chinese, the food to be good, and a small family owned spot makes it even better.

          2. First off, PF Chang's is not an authentic Chinese restaurant like you would find in Hong Kong, San Francisco, or in other Chinatowns - and it frankly does not attempt to be. However, PF Chang's serves above average food in an environment much cleaner and nicer than an "authentic" place. I have never been disappointed in the American Chinese food served there and love the lettuce wraps, extensive wine list, Chang's Chicken, brown & white rice, excellent tea, and the desserts.

            1. I think PF Chang's is pitiful.

              It's sort of like overpriced Panda Express served on nice silverware.

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                Agreed. I have friends who love it and so we go there for all their birthdays etc, but I only order the green bean appetizer now because I can't stand all their other food.

              2. I have honeslty never had a bad meal at PF Changs! My favorite things are the chicken lettuce wraps, mushu chicken, steamed veggie dumplings, and the peking duck with the wheat buns. Obviously its not the best chinese food out there, but its not terrible either!